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1.Signed on May 22, 2008; Entered into force on May 22, 2008;
The Veterans Affairs Commission of the Republic of China
(Taiwan) hereinafter referred to as the Veterans Affairs
Commission and the Ministry of Defence of the Kingdom of
Swaziland hereinafter referred to as the Ministry of Defence
wish to enter into a formal agreement with the aim of
(a) Establishing the Swaziland Ex-Servicemen's (Veterans)
(b) Identify other areas of cooperation to strengthen and
enhance cooperation between the two Ministries in
particular, and between the two countries in general.

The two parties, recognizing the importance of the potential
benefit that can be realized by establishing a formal
partnership and being mindful of a shared vision for the
welfare of servicemen who have retired from active duty,
will develop a programme of cooperation that will among
other issues, establish an Ex-Servicemen's Programme in
Swaziland and explore other potential areas of support to
the Umbutfo Swaziland Defence Force.

A.Establishment of a Swaziland Ex-Servicemen's (Veterans)
B.Securing of funds for the support of projects within the
proposed Programme.
C.Establishment of an Exchange Programme between the
Veterans Affairs Commission and the proposed Swaziland
Ex-Servicemen's (Veterans) Programme.
D.Identify other areas of cooperation between the Veterans
Affairs Commission and the Ministry of Defence.
E.Establishment of a Training Programme for selected USDF
Personnel in the Republic of China (Taiwan).

This Memorandum of Understanding:
4.1 Shall come into effect upon signing by representatives of
each party.
4.2 Both parties recognize the fact that due to the nature of
the issues to be covered by this Memorandum of
Understanding, it is mutually agreed that there will be
on-going discussions for reviews and addendum to be added
into this Memorandum from time to time.
5.0 In witness thereof, the parties have caused this Memorandum
of Understanding to be executed by their authorized officers
as of the date indicated below.
An Implementing Arrangement based on the above terms and
conditions agreed upon will be formalized within three
months from the date of this Memorandum of Understanding.

Done in duplicate in Chinese and English languages at Taipei,
Taiwan, this 22nd day of May, 2008

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For For
The Veterans Affairs Commission The Government of
Executive Yuan The Kingdom of Swaziland
Of the Republic of China (Taiwan)