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1.Signed on April 9, 1990; Entered into force on April 9, 1990.
This agreement is entered into between Rheinland-Pfalzische Ges-
ellschaft fur Wirtschaftsforderung mbH (Economic Development Co-
rporation for the German State of Rheinland-Pfalz), hereinafter
referred to as the RPW and Industrial Development and Investment
Center, MOEA, Taiwan, R.O.C. hereinafter referred to as the IDIC

It has been established that there exists great mutual interest
in economic development of the private sector and that it is the
fostenng of such mutual interest that is most desired for the b-
enefit of all parties involved. THE RPW and IDIC, each represen-
ting the private sector of its own side, believe firmly in the
system of private initiative for economic development.

Therefore, it is agreed between the RPW, represented by its Pre-
sident, Dr. Gregor Weiner, the IDIC, represented by its Director
General, Mr. John C. I. Ni, and in anticipation of resolutions
to be passed by RPW and IDIC to finally ratify this agreement t-
hat :
1.RPW and IDIC will each take necessary steps to exchange infor-
mation on investment environment and incentives for the poten-
tial investors of both sides, especially will notify each oth-
er of potential investors.
2.RPW and IDIC will respectively encourage and assist its firms
to set up trade--, exhibition--, distribution--, service- or
production facilities in the territory of the other party.
3.RPW and IDIC will take necessary steps to assist the investor-
s from the other side to file investment applications for exa-
mple for investment incentives or others and to provide them
with other services after application is approvkd.
4.RPW and IDIC will promote the frequent visits of investment m-
issions between the two parties, and extend cooperation and a-
ssistance to visitors recommended by the other party.
5.Both parties are fully aware of the fact that any decision ma-
de by ROC companies and companies from RheinIand-Pfalz in fav-
our of the said facilities mentioned above (see 1. ) is exclu-
sively the result of a private business initiative, and IDIC
and RPW as well do not take any legal responsibility in this
Signed in Taipei on this 9th day of April, 1990
Mr. John C. I. Ni
Director General
Industrial Development and Investment Center
Taiwan, R.O.C.
Dr. Gregor Weiner
Rheinland - Pfalzische Gesellschaft fur
Wirtschaftsforderung mbH (Economic Development Corporation for
the German State of Rheinland - Pfalz )
Mr. Wellington Y. Tsao Chairman General Euro - Asia Trade Organ-