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1.Signed on August 13, 1999; Entered into force on August 13, 1999.
The Government of the Republic of China (hereinafter referred to
as the R.O.C.) and the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenad-
ines (hereinafter referred to as St. Vincent) ,
With a view to promoting mutual understanding and strengthening
the friendly and cooperative relationship between the two count-
In reference to the recent discussions held between the represe-
ntatives of the International Cooperation and Development Fund (
hereinafter referred to as the ICDF) of the R.O.C. and the Mini-
stry of Foreign Affairs, Tourism, and Information of St. Vincent
concerning the dispatch of volunteers of the ICDF (hereinafter
referred to as the ICDF volunteers) from the R.O.C. to St. Vinc-
ent under the ICDF volunteers programme (hereinafter referred
to as the programme) ,
Have hereby agreed as follows:

Article 1
The Government of the ROC agrees to dispatch to St. Vincent the
ICDF volunteers for service at the request of the Government of
St. Vincent, in compliance with the ROC laws and plans agreed by
the two Governments.

Article 2
The Government of St. Vincent shall accept coordinators of volu-
nteers (hereinafter referred to as coordinators) assigned by
the ICDF, who will be responsible for designating the duties to
the ICDF volunteers relating to the activities of the programme
in St. Vincent.

Article 3
The ICDF shall provide the ICDF volunteers and coordinators (he-
reinafter referred to as the programme personnel) with the foll-
a.International travel expenses between the R.O.C. and St. Vinc-
b.Monthly living allowance during the period of their assignmen-
c.Equipment and materials necessary for the performance of their
duties and medical supplies necessary for their own use; and
d.An appropriate level of medical care and hospitalization. The
Government of St. Vincent shall provide emergency medical att-
ention and first aid to the programme personnel. Should any
expenses be incurred, the ICDF shall compensate such expenses
to St. Vincent.

Article 4
The Government of St. Vincent shall grant the programme personn-
el the following privileges, exemptions and benefits:
a.Exemption from customs duties, taxes and other governmental
charges on all equipment, materials and medical supplies intr-
oduced into St. Vincent as stated in Article 3 (c) of this Ag-
reement for use in the performance of their duties;
b.Exemption from customs duties, taxes and other governmental
charges on a vehicle for each coordinator's personal use.
c.Exemption from customs duties, taxes and other governmental
charges on their personal and household effects introduced in-
to St. Vincent for their own use within six months of their
first arrival;
d.Exemption from income tax and other governmental charges in
respect of any remuneration or allowances the programme perso-
nnel received in St. Vincent from abroad in connection with
their activities under the programme;
e.Local transportation necessary for the performance of their
duties; and
f.Issuance of appropriate identification cards to the programme
personnel to facilitate the performance of their functions.

Article 5
a.The programme personnel, while importing goods free of customs
duties, taxes and charges in accordance with the provisions of
Article 4 (a) , (b) and (c) of this Agreement, shall present
specification of such goods to the authorities concerned of
the Government of St. Vincent.
b.In compliance with the regulations of St. Vincent concerning
temporary admission, all durable goods imported free of custo-
ms duties, taxes and any charges shall be re-exported
(1) They are sold within the territory of St. Vincent with the
payment of customs duties, taxes and charges, or donated to
the Government of St. Vincent on its approval; or
(2) Such re-exportation is impossible or inappropriate.
c.In case motorcar is transferred from one coordinator to anoth-
er, all applicable taxes according to the laws of St. Vincent
shall be exempted.

Article 6
The Government of St. Vincent shall take all possible measures
to ensure the personal safety and security of the programme per-
sonnel in the course of performing their duties. The Government
of St. Vincent shall accord the programme personnel and their
properties the treatment no less favorable than that accorded
generally to the same of other international missions that are
residing and performing similar activities in the territory of
St. Vincent. For all matters concerning the programme, the Gove-
rnment of St. Vincent shall fully inform, consult and cooperate
with the programme personnel.

Article 7
The Government of St. Vincent shall be responsible for any clai-
ms against the programme personnel, that may arise as a result
of any act or omission of programme personnel in the course of
their official functions in St. Vincent, provided however that
such claims do not arise from the gross negligence or wilful mi-
sconduct on the part of the programme personnel.

Article 8
Programme personnel shall comply with the laws and customs of St
. Vincent and shall not engage in any profit-making business du-
ring their assignment in St. Vincent.

Article 9
The two Governments shall hold consultations, from time to time,
for the successful implementation of the programme in St. Vince-

Article 10
This Agreement shall enter into force on the date of signature.
It may be amended by mutual consent between the two Governments
and shall remain in force until six months after the date of
the written notification from either Government to the other of
its intention of termination.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned, being duly authorized ther-
eto by their respective Governments, have signed this Agreement.

Done in duplicate in the Chinese and English Languages, both te-
xts being equally authentic, in Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica
on this thirteenth day of August of the year one thousand nine
hundred and ninety-nine.

For the Government of the Republic of China
The Hon. Dr. Jason Hu
Minister of Foreign Affairs

For the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines
The Hon. Allan Cruickshank
Minister of Foreign Affairs