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1.Signed on June 9, 1999; Entered into force on June 9, 1999.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China and the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Macedonia (herei-
nafter referred to as "the Contracting Partiesn"),
Sharing the desire to promote the friendly relations and cooper-
ation between the Republic of China and the Republic of Macedon-
ia (hereinafter referred to as "the Two Countries") and enhance
the international cooperation and security, Believing that cons-
ultation between the Contracting Parties will benefit the devel-
opment of biiateral relations and cooperation in international
affairs, and Pursuant to the principles of the United Nations C-
harter, universally accepted international law and the Joint Co-
mmunique between the Two Countries on the establishment of dipl-
omatic relations, Have concluded the following Protocol:

Article 1
The Contracting Parties agree that their Foreign Ministers shall
, when necessary and possible, exchange visits or hold meetings
during international conferences held by international organiza-
tions, or other suitable occasions.
Consultations shall be conducted at the level of Vice Ministers
or Departmental Directors of the Contracting Parties on a regul-
ar basis in Skopje and Taipei alternatively to review the imple-
mentation of bilateral agreements and exchange views on bilater-
al and international issues of common concern, as well as on in-
ternational cooperation.

Article 2
The Contracting Parties shall facilitate cooperation between the
Two Countries in the political, economic and trade, scientific
and technological, legal, cultural and other fields, promote di-
rect contacts between agencies, orgaJlizations, enterprises and
citizens of the Two Countries in the above fields, and establish
direct links wtiere practicable between the Two Countries at all

Arlicle 3
The Contracting Parties shall regularly exchange views on issues
of common interest and, in support of each other's positions, t-
ake such stands through their representatives in international
organizations and/or other fora.

Article 4
Expenses relating to international travel incurred by the repre-
sentatives of one Contracting Party, in principle not exceeding
four persons each time for exchange of visits under Articlel, s-
hall be borne by the sending Party, andthose expenses as board,
lodging and local trarisportation incurred during their stay in
the host country shall be borne by the receiving Party.

Article 5
The present Protocol shall enter into force upon the date of si-
gnature and remain in force for two years. The Protocol shall be
automatically renewed, each time for two years, unless either P-
arty informs the other Party in writing of its intention to ter-
minate this Protocol six months prior to the date of expiration.

IN WTTNESS WHEREOF the undersigned, being duly authorized by th-
eir respective Governments, have signed this Protocol.
Done in duplicate in Taipei on the 9" of June 1999, in the Chin-
ese, Macedonia and English languages, all the three texts being
equally authentic. In case of any divergence of interpretation,
the English text shall prevail.

For the Ministry of Foreign For the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs of the Republic of Affairs of the Republic of
China Macedonia

Jason C. HU Aleksandar DIMITROV
Minister Minister