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Title: Enforcement Rules of Medal Award Act CH
Amended Date: 2006-09-06
Category: Directorate-General of Personnel Administration, Executive Yuan(行政院人事行政總處)
Article 1
These rules are instituted in accordance with the rules and regulations stated on Article 12 of the Medal Award Act (Here in after known as this Act).
Article 2
"Public Servants" as stated as below: Articles 1 to 5 of this Act refers to full time office employees within the organization:
1. Political Appointees.
2. Popularly elected chief.
3. Employees of Government Agencies.
4. Teachers in Public Schools.
5. Employees of Public Business Enterprises.
Article 3
Those applying for the Merit Medal or the Exemplary Medal, should present evidence as to the reasons why they should be awarded i.e. for a meritorious act or outstanding performance.
Article 4
The "Outstanding Performance" as stated in Article 5 of this Act refers to those Public Servants that apply for Awards after having achieved grades higher than "B" in their performance evaluation or examinations and who have never been disciplined, sentenced in a criminal case or been given a demerit or those employees as stated in "Outstanding Performance" by superior officer; As to government staff,popularly elected chief who when applying for awards,have never been disciplined or sentenced in a criminal.
"Public Servant" did not need to return the former service medal award according to Article 5.
Article 5
The "Contiuning employment" stated in Articel 5 of this Act refers to those personnel who receive awards starting from the month of employment by their respective agency/school/public enterprise to the date of retirement. Sufferring dismissal/suspension/or above case,the period of retained position without pay should be deducted. But according to the rules item 4 "Public Servant" retained position without pay, the years of service should not be deducted.
When applying for the years of Service Medal Award,countting by month to the termination date from the year/ month of the retirement.
Article 6
The "Responsible Agency" stated in Article 8, and Article 9 in this Act, refers to the Executive Yuan, Legislative Yuan, Judicial Yuan, Examination Yuan, Ombudsman Yuan and each subordinating First Level Agencies, Provincial Government, Gity Government with Direct Jurisdiction, Country Government.
The Presidential Office, National Assembly,National Security Council and their respective subordinating agencies are permitted to us the above regulations.
Article 7
When awarding the Merit Medal, Exemplary Medal and Professional Medal, to a foreigner, it shall not be limited by the level of this regulation.
Article 8
When awarding a Merit Medal, Exemplary Medal, there should be a period of three years between the awarding of another equivalent medal. Unless there are any special circumstances, no medal can be awarded within a shorter period.
Article 9
Except for special circumstances, the applying Agency should base the application for Merit Medal/ Exemplary Medal, on the confirmed action deserving of commendation, after 30 days, clearly fill up the Merit (Exemplary) Incident form, and submit to the Appropriate Yuan, together with the relevant certification document, for approval.
When applying for a Service Medal Award for an employee, the relevant agency should, after confirming the annual examination performance evaluation, accurately fill in the Applicant's Name in the Name Book, and submit it to the Responsible Yuan for approval.
The format of The Actual Merit (Exemplary) Form is shown in Attachment 1; The format of the Name Book for the Service Medal Award is shown in Attachment 2.
Article 10
The Merit Medal, Exemplary Medal, Service Medal and Certificates are to be uniformly designed and produced by the Executive Yuan and the Examination Yuan working together.
Article 11
The Merit Medal, Exemplary Medal are submitted to Responsible Yuan for approval by each governing according to its needs, and awarded by the superior officer of such establishment.
Article 12
The awarding of medals to awardees from the Presidential Office, National Assembly or the National Security Council is to be undertaken by the Secretary General.
Article 13
If the awardees are not Civil Servants or foreigners, the application should be submitted, according to their confirmed actions which have deserved commendation, to the Relevant Agency for approval before awarding.
Article 14
Those who have received more than two kinds of Medal specified in Article 2 of this Act, should wear their medals in the following sequence: from right to left the Merit, Exemplary, Service and Professional Medals.
Article 15
Those who have received a medal awarded by a Yuan specified in Article 2 of this Act, should wear the medals in the following manner: when Pins/ Medals/ or Memorial Medals awarded by the President, are worn together, the Medals awarded by a Yuan should come after the President awarded medals; and when worn together with the medals awarded by the Relevant Agency, the medals awarded by a Yuan should be worn before the medals awarded by the Relevant Agency.
Article 16
The awards are to be received by the spouse or the direct relative of the awardees of those who are entitled to the Exemplary Award as specified in Article 4 and Article 5 of this Act & stated in the Civil law 1138.
Article 17
If the Medal or the Certification is lost, the awardees can apply for it to be reissued from the Awarding Agency with the approval of the Relevant Yuan. If the original is found, it should be processed in accordance with the Regulations on Medals Lost and re-issued.
Article 18
Medals are not transferable nor are they to be lent to other people. Any violation of this regulation requires the return of the medal and certification.
Article 19
These enforcement rules put into force on the date of publication.