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Title: National Academy of Civil Service Organizational Act CH
Amended Date: 2009-11-18
Category: Civil Service Protection and Training Commission(公務人員保障暨培訓委員會)
Article 1
This Act is enacted according to Article nine of the Civil Service Protection and Training Commission Organizational Act.
Article 2
The National Academy of Civil Service (hereinafter referred to as the NACS) is a subsidiary of the Civil Service Protection and Training Commission (hereinafter referred to as the CSPTC) and has the authority over the following matters:
1. Matters concerning research and execution of the mid- and long-term high-ranking civil service training.
2. Matters concerning examination qualification, rank promotion, administrative neutrality for civil service, and other training-related issues.
3. Matters concerning execution of training and advanced training for personnel officers.
4. Matters concerning research and execution of lifelong learning for civil service.
5. Matters concerning civil service international exchanges and domestic academic institutions collaboration.
6. Matters concerning counselling and post-training service to trainees;
7. Matters concerning research, development and promotion of training skills, methods, and teaching materials for civil service .
8. Matters concerning management and development of e-learning, other diversified learning, and library information for civil service .
9. Matters concerning promotion of online digital learning platform for training agencies (institutions).
10. Matters concerning entrusted to conduct training programs.
11. And other matters concerning research and development of civil service training.
Article 3
The Academy has one president, served by the Minister of the CSPTC, and one Vice President, ranked as Senior 13th grade.
Article 4
The Academy has one Chief Secretary, ranked as Senior 11th grade.
Article 5
The position rank and grade as well as personnel quota will be determined by the Academy's Official Workforce Chart.
Article 6
For business needs, the NACS shall employ researchers and associate researchers and the Enforcement Rules of Act Governing the Appointment of Educators shall be applied to half of these personnel.
Article 7
For regional civil service training needs, the Academy shall establish regional training centers. The organizational law of the center will be enacted by Standards.
Article 8
The Enforcement date of this act will be determined by the Examination Yuan.