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Article 1
These standards are promulgated according to the Paragraph 2 of Article 20 of the Satellite Broadcasting Act (hereinafter referred to as the Act)
Article 2
The satellite radio and television advertisements in these standards shall refer to the images, sounds and contents transmitted by the system operators to promote commodities, concepts, services, or images.
The provisions of the preceding paragraph shall apply to the product or service advertisements that are produced by foreign satellite broadcasting or television enterprises for domestic broadcasting.
Article 3
The contents of the advertisements shall not
1. Violate compulsory or prohibitive regulations under the law;
2. Impair the physical or mental health of children or juveniles; or
3. Disrupt public order or adversely affect good social customs.
The demonstration of the foregoing section is set as an Attached Table.
Article 4
The satellite radio and television enterprises shall transmit certain advertisements in the time slots and with the encoding method designated by the central regulatory agency.
Article 5
The transmission of advertising should be distinguishable by subtitles, picture cards, narration, music or other appropriate means from the transmission of programs.
Article 6
Stipulations for production and transmission of satellite radio and television advertisement shall be promulgated by the central regulatory agency.
Article 7
These standards shall come into effect as of the date of promulgation.