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Title: Standards for Reviewing Improvement Plans Regarding Drinking Water Source Quality or Water Treatment CH
Announced Date: 2006-07-04
Category: Environmental Protection Administration(行政院環境保護署)
Article 1
These Standards are determined pursuant to Article 6, Paragraph 1 of the Drinking Water Management Statutes.
Article 2
An applicant submitting a drinking water source quality or water treatment improvement plan (herein referred to as an improvement plan) must possess one of the following qualifications:
I. Tap water enterprise.
II. Management unit of community-installed public water supply equipment.
III. Management unit of a small water treatment facility.
Article 3
When submitting a improvement plan, the following information must be submitted in decuplicate to the relevant industry competent authority, which shall forward the information to the central competent authority for review, and submit copies to the special municipality, county, or city competent authority with jurisdiction:
I. Basic information
II. Current state of water source quality and inspection report.
III. Content of improvement work.
IV. Time needed for plan.
V. Plan funding.
VI. Expected water quality after improvement.
VII. Water quality monitoring plan.
VIII. Response measures to be adopted during the improvement period.
IX. Expected improvement plan timetable.
X. Matters requiring cooperation of other relevant agencies.
In the foregoing paragraph, industry competent authority refers to the central water conservancy competent authority in the case of tap water, and the special municipality, county or city government in the case of a small water treatment facility or community-installed public water supply.
Article 4
The central competent authority may convene experts, scholars, and relevant agencies or organizations to review a improvement plan.
Article 5
The central competent authority shall review an improvement plan application in accordance with the following regulations:
I. If the submitted documents or materials are incomplete or do not comply with regulations, after being notified to make corrections within a limited time period, the applicant fails to make corrections, or makes incomplete corrections, the application shall be rejected. However, those who request the central competent authority to approve an extension with legitimate cause before the deadline shall not be subject to this restriction.
II. Inspection shall be completed within 60 days when the required documents and data have been submitted in full.
III. The number of days for making corrections for each item shall not be added to the review period.
Article 6
After the central competent authority has reviewed the improvement work content, schedule, water quality monitoring plan, expected water quality after improvement, response measures, expected improvement plan timetable, and other relevant information in an improvement plan, the project can continue to serve as a source of drinking water only if the central competent authority acknowledges that the plan can improve water quality. If review by the central competent authority fails to confirm improvement, the application shall be rejected.
Improvement shall be implemented in accordance with the improvement plan after application is reviewed an approved in the foregoing paragraph. A plan implementation progress form must be filled out every three months and submitted to the central competent authority for future reference; copies shall be sent to the special municipality, county, or city competent authority with jurisdiction.
Article 7
These Regulations shall take effect from the date of promulgation.