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Article 1
These Standards are determined pursuant to Article 11, Paragraph 1 of the Noise Control Act.
Article 2
Terms used in these Standards are defined as follows:
I. Acceleration noise standard value means the acceleration noise level measured at a certain distance, in a certain gear while driving.
II. Stationary noise standard value means the stationary noise level measured at a certain engine speed.
III. New vehicle model certification means the new model vehicle noise review and testing performed after each type of new vehicle model has been manufactured or imported, and prior to sale or usage.
IV. New vehicle testing means noise condition testing performed after a vehicle has passed new vehicle model certification and following a certain period of time or after a designated quantity has been manufactured or imported.
V. In-use vehicle testing means non-regular vehicle noise testing at car parks (stops), by the roadside, at diesel emissions testing stations or other suitable locations performed by the competent authority.
VI. “PMR” denotes the Power-to-Mass Ratio Index, means the ratio of rated maximum net power of a vehicle to its mass. It’s defined as : (Rated maximum power, kW)/(test vehicle’s mass, Ton)
Article 4
These Standards shall take effect on the date of promulgation,except of haveing the another date.