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Article 1
These Standards are established in accordance with Paragraph 2 of Article 49 of the Labor Standards Act.
Article 2
Employers are required to keep the passageways, floors and stairs at the workplace safe or take necessary measures to prevent workers from falling, slipping or getting trampled on.
Article 3
Employers may not lock the emergency exits and fire escapes at the workplace during the night shift hours or store objects in the passageways.
Article 4
Employers are required to provide adequate lighting at workplace facilities such as entrances, stairs, passageways, emergency exits, fire escapes, toilets and parking lots that night time workers are likely to use.
Article 5
Employers shall have emergency light equipment installed at the workplace in case of power outages or lighting system failures.
Article 6
Employers are required to have signs easily identifiable at night put up at the main walkways, emergency exits and fire escapes.
Article 7
Employers are required to ensure sufficient ventilation at the workplace and have ventilation devices installed if necessary.
Article 8
Employers are required to provide necessary safety measures and equipment such as security, guards or electronic surveillance equipment at the workplace.
Article 9
Employers are required to implement hazard identification, provide information on the hazardous factors in the work environment and establish protective measures for workers working in workplaces outside the employer’s direction or management, and to also conduct health and safety training for such workers. If necessary, personal protection equipment shall be provided.
Article 10
These Standards shall take effect from the day of promulgation.