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Article 1
These regulations are prescribed in accordance with Paragraph 2 to Article 27 of the Labor Union Act.
Article 2
When members of a labor union or their representatives cannot attend meetings in person, they may designate in writing other labor union members or representatives to attend as their proxies and exercise their rights within the scope of their authorizations.
Each member or representative shall designate only one proxy and each member or representative shall only be designated as the proxy of one member or representative, and a designated proxy shall not designate his (or her) authority again.
Article 3
When attending a meeting as a proxy, a member or a representative shall submit a proxy letter which shall record the following items:
1. The name of the member or representative who designates.
2. The name of the proxy.
3. Full authorization or authorization with specified matters.
4. The name of the labor union, the sequences and the date of the meeting in question.
5. The signatures or seals of the member or representative who designates and the proxy.
When the proxy letter does not record the specified matters referred to in subparagraph 3 of the preceding paragraph, the proxy shall be deemed as with full authorization to attend the meeting.
Article 4
When a labor union member or his (or her) representative attending a meeting as a proxy shall personally sign in and present an identification document. After being verified as correct with the name list of the labor union members or representatives, the proxy shall be given an attendance pass.
A proxy shall present an attendance pass and submit a proxy letter. After signing in, he (or she) shall be given a proxy attendance pass.
Attendance passes and proxy attendance passes shall be printed in different colors. The pass shall separately record the names of the union member or representative and the designator. The proxies shall be numbered in serial according to the order of their sign in.
During the process of proxy sign-in when it is discovered that a labor union member or representative designates more than one proxy, all the repeated designation shall be deemed as null and void.
Article 5
If a designator attends the meeting in person after the proxy has attended the meeting, the designation shall be deemed as terminated.
Article 6
When a labor union member or representative has signed in but has to leave before the end of the meeting, he (or she) may designate other member or representative to exercise his (or her) rights, however, such designated representatives shall not exceed one-third of those members or representatives required to attend in person, and shall record the time of his (or her) departure on the sign-in book.
In case that members or representatives are exercising their rights of election or recall, once the chairperson of the meeting has announced the beginning of this procedure, any designation shall not be allowed.
Article 7
The number of those attending by proxy and in person shall be counted according to the sign-in book.
When the number of those attending by proxy exceeds those attending in person by one-third, those proxies who can attend shall be determined by their sign-in order. When such an order is hard to ascertain, it shall be determined by a draw.
Article 8
These regulations shall become implemented on May 1, 2011.