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Title: Enforcement Rules of the Agro-pesticides Management Act CH
Amended Date: 2015-08-26
Category: Ministry of Agriculture(農業部)
Article 1
The Regulations are established according to the provisions of Article 58 of the Agro-pesticide Management Act (hereinafter asthe Act).
Article 2
The central competent authority may appoint a subordinate agencyto handle the matters according to the provisions of Article 6,Article 9, Article 10 paragraphs 1 and 3, Article 12, Article 13,Article 14 paragraph 1, Article 15 paragraph 2, Articles 17~19,Article 21, Article 22 paragraph 1, Article 23, Article 24paragraph 1, Article 25 paragraph 2, Article 31 paragraph 1,Article 36 paragraph 2, Article 40 paragraph 1, Article 42,Article 44 paragraph 1, Article 54, and Article 55 paragraph 1of the Act.
The central competent authority may appoint other agencies, legalpersons or organizations to handle the matters according to theprovisions of Article 14 paragraph 1, Article 40 paragraph 1,Article 42, and Article 44 paragraph 1 of the Act, if necessary.
Article 3
The central competent authority may perform safety assessment andeffect assessment over the registered agro-pesticides according toArticle 18 paragraphs 1 and 2 of the Act. If the effect is notobvious and there are no safety problems mentioned in the precedingparagraph, they may make a public notice to restrict the use andscope of application in whole or in part.
Article 4
When applying for the repackaging of formulated agro-pesticidesaccording to Article 23 of the Act, the client shall submit thefollowing documents to the central competent authority forapproval, and for the changes of agro-pesticide labeling:
1.One copy of the import or processing permit of the formulated
2.One copy of the document proving that the trustee has qualified
equipment in repackaging the formulated agro-pesticides in the
same formulation.
3.One copy of the entrusted repackaging contract.
4.Two copies of the agro-pesticide labels.
If the approved entrusted repackaging contract is expired orterminated during the entrusted repackaging period, the trusteeshall report to the central competent authority within 15 days afterthe matter has occurred to abolish the approval of the entrustedrepackaging, and change the agro-pesticide label according toArticle 14 paragraph 1.
Article 5
The Regulations shall become effective from the date of beingpromulgated.