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Title: Regulations of Import Quarantine Operation for Animal Products Transported by Closed Container CH
Amended Date: 2019-02-27
Category: Council of Agriculture(行政院農業委員會)
Article 1
These Regulations are in accordance with the provisions of Paragraph 1, Article 39 of the Animal Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Act.
Article 2
For the purposes of these Regulations, "closed container" shall be defined as a closed container for transporting animal products, and it must meet the following conditions:
1.It must be strong enough in structure and shall be reusable.
2.Its door must be closed thoroughly during transport.
3.It must be able to prevent any pathogen of animal infectious diseases from leaking outward or entering into during transport.
4.It must be easy to clean and sanitize.
Article 3
Upon the arrival of animal products transported by closed container, the importer or its agent shall apply for animal quarantine to the animal quarantine authority at the port, station, container collection area being supervised by the Customs or other related places as designated by the animal quarantine authority.
Article 4
During the transport process, if the shipment of the closed container is transported or transshipped through countries or zones declared as animal diseases infected countries (zones) by Taiwan’s central competent authority according to Article 33 of the Statute for Prevention and Control of Infectious Animal Disease, or at their port or airport, the importation shall only be permitted if the following conditions have been met:
1.The original seal with imprinted number shall be placed at the opening of the closed container before leaving the exporting country.
2.The animal health certificate or the bill of landing issued by animal quarantine authority of the exporting country shall state the numerical code of the closed container and its seal.
The animal quarantine inspector may checkup the integrity of the original seal of the closed container when the importer or its agent applies for animal quarantine. If the original seal of the closed container is to be changed upon arrival, prior to the application of animal quarantine, the importer or its agent must apply to the Customs for issuing a document of "Record of Opening of the Original Seal of Container" for verification.
Article 5
These regulations shall also be applied to the importation of animal products by air, if animal products are packaged in containers meeting the necessary condition of sealing tightly, and the animal health certificate or the bill of lading which accompanies the shipment that states the original numerical code of the seal or marking of the security seal.
Article 6
These regulations shall be applicable from April 1, 2003.
Amendments to the regulations shall be implemented on the date of promulgation.