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Article 1
These Regulations are enacted pursuant to Paragraph 5, Article 7 of the Counter Terrorism Financing Act (referred to as the “Act” hereunder).
Article 2
Agricultural financial institutions shall assign a chief compliance officer to coordinate and supervise compliance with these Regulations.
Article 3
Agricultural financial institutions shall carry out reporting under Paragraph 3, Article 7 of the Act according to the following provisions:
1. After discovering a suspicious activity, the chief AML/CFT compliance officer at a farmers’ or fishermen’s association or the unit-in-charge at the head office of Agricultural Bank of Taiwan shall promptly file a Suspicious Transaction Report (STR) with the Investigation Bureau in a format and manner prescribed by the Bureau in no later than two business days after the report has been approved by the assigned chief compliance officer mentioned in the preceding article.
2. In the event of an obviously significant case of urgent nature, an agricultural financial institution should file a report as soon as possible by fax or by other available means and follow it up with a written report in a format and manner prescribed by the Investigation Bureau. A follow-up written report is not required if the Investigation Bureau has confirmed the receipt of report by sending a reply in a prescribed format by fax. The agricultural financial institution should retain the faxed reply from the Investigation Bureau.
3. Agricultural financial institutions shall produce an annual report as of December 31 every year (the “settlement record date”). The report shall state all properties or property interests of designated sanctioned individuals, legal entities or groups managed or held by the agricultural financial institution in accordance with Article 7 of the Act as of the settlement record date and the report shall be submitted to the Investigation Bureau for recordation before March 31 the following year.
The reporting records, transaction documents and annual reports mentioned in the preceding paragraph shall be retained in their original forms for five (5) years.
Article 4
These Regulations shall enter into force on the date of promulgation.