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Article 1
These Regulations are enacted pursuant to the provisions of the second paragraph of Article 16 of the Forestry Act (hereinafter "Act").
Article 2
Management and operation of the forests located within a legally designated national park or designated scenic area shall be governed by these Regulations.
Article 3
The competent forest authority and the competent authority of the national park or designated scenic area concerned shall manage and operate the forests located within such national park or designated scenic areas in accordance with the list of division of powers and duties attached hereto. Matters not provided in the list, if any, shall be dealt with by the competent authority concerned in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. Disputes, if any, which cannot be resolved as a result of negotiation among the relevant agencies shall be referred to the superior agency for coordination and resolution.
Article 4
The forestry managing agency and the competent forestry authority shall take into consideration the national park development plan and/or designated scenic area development plan concerned, if any, when formulating a forestry management plan or proposal.
Article 5
National Park Headquarters or the designated scenic area headquarters shall cooperate with the forestry managing agency to jointly execute protection work for the forests located within their territory.
Article 6
No cutting shall be conducted within the ecological protected area or scenic area, cultural/historic area of a national park, and the main forest products and/or by-products within the protected area of a designated scenic area except to meet the purpose of any of the following subject to the approval of forestry managing agency in consultation with the national park headquarters or the designated scene area headquarters concerned:
1.Cultivation and density cutting of the artificial forests located within scenic area, cultural/historic area of a national park or the protected area of a designated scenic area.
2.Necessary emergency measures taken in response to a disaster.
3.Treatment of infested trees.
4.Collection of seeds or tassels for experiment, research or storage in the gene bank.
5.Necessary education, practical training, experiment, research conducted within an experimental forest or pilot forest.
Article 7
Zoning of areas other than the existing use area, recreation area of national parks and the protected area of designated scenic areas, and the regeneration of the forests concerned shall be in accordance with the following:
1.The forest regeneration shall be conducted by selection cutting and, if necessary, by clear cutting of an area of less than three hectares.
2.Each natural forest should be arranged in cutting series; the clear cutting area of each of such cutting series shall not exceed three hectares each year; the cutting of adjacent cutting areas (if any) shall be conducted alternately at an interval of five years or more.
3.The total cutting area each year shall not exceed the quotient of the operable standing timber area of the cutting series divided by the average cutting age.
4.Cutover forest shall be reforested with the appropriate species of tree(s) in consideration of the relevant reforestation season promptly after the cutting operation is concluded.
5.The cutting percent of the selection cutting or the natural regeneration of woods shall be less than 30% of the total volume of the cutting area.
Cutting is prohibited in the following areas encompassed in the scope provided in the preceding paragraph:
1.The horizontal area extending 50 meters from each side of each main stream;
2.The area of an altitude of 2,500 meters or above.
3.The hillside area of an inclination of 35 degrees or more.
Article 8
The staff of the forestry managing agency, the national park headquarters or the designated scenic area headquarters may, after presenting the required certifying document issued by his/her agency, enter the national park or designated scenic area to perform his/her duties.
Article 9
The institution conducting education, experiments and researches with respect to the experimental forest or pilot forest located within a national park or designated scenic area may engage in a variety of educational research work according to its research plan.
The research plan provided in the preceding paragraph shall be prepared by the institution conducting the education, experiments and researches, who will periodically coordinate with the forestry managing agency, the national park headquarters and/or the designated scenic area headquarters concerned.
Article 10
These Regulations shall come into force on the day of promulgation.