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Title: The Regulations for Packaging and Labeling of the Transgenic Plants CH
Announced Date: 2005-06-29
Category: Ministry of Agriculture(農業部)
Article 1
These Regulations are enacted in accordance with Article 52, Paragraph 4 of the Plant Variety and Plant Seed Act (hereinafter referred to as "this Act").
Article 2
After a transgenic strain has passed field testing and before domestic extension or sales, a consent document approved by the central industry competent authority concerning the main purposes as declared in the application shall be submitted to the central competent authority in application for issuance and registration of a unique identification number.
The unique identification number in the preceding Paragraph referring to a string of alphanumeric characters shall be designated a transgenic strain, and used for product identification and source tracing.
An applicant for a unique identification number may be either the plant breeder or person authorized by the breeder.
Article 3
A transgenic strain shall comply with the requirements of Paragraph 2, Article 52 of this Act before it may be released or sold on the domestic market; the transgenic plant's labeling shall include the following items:
1. the label shall bear the letters depicting transgenics in the clearest manner before the name of plant species;
2. clear indication of the unique identification number of the transgenic plants;
3. the scientific and common names of the transferred gene; the name may be indicated in English or other foreign characters facilitating understanding;
4. the name, address, and phone number of the enterprise releasing or selling the plant seed;
5. place of production;
6. weight or quantity;
7. characteristics of the transgenic strain;
8. use of the transgenic strain and purpose of cultivation;
9. if repackaged, the name and address of the repackaging enterprise shall be labeled;
10. the name and address of the importer/exporter shall be labeled;
11. the handling, preservation, and shipping conditions of the transgenic plant;
12. safety procedures and methods in the event of an emergency; and
13. as for the seed, the germination percentage and testing date shall be marked.
Article 4
The labeling stipulated in the preceding Article shall be implemented in accordance with the following prescriptions:
1. Labeling shall use clearly legible standard Chinese characters or generally-used symbols.
2. Chinese labeling of plants imported from overseas shall be performed before their import.
3. The length and width of labeling characters may not be less than 0.4 cm.
4. Signs shall be produced to mark products sold in balk, and label content shall also be printed out in the form of single information sheets and give to purchasers at time of sale.
5. Labeling content shall be printed on the product packaging, container, label, or sign; labeling must be durable and long-lasting.
When it is impractical to directly indicate the items specified in Subparagraphs 7 to 13 of the preceding Article directly on the product, these items may instead be included in an attached instruction booklet.
Article 5
The following labeling methods may be used when extending or selling transgenic plants for propagation and cultivation, either whole plants or parts of plants:
1. The labeling may be directly printed on or affixed to the packaging or container when the product sold or extended has packaging.
2. When the product sold or extended consists of bare seedlings without packaging, the product may be placed in baskets or other temporary containers depending on its characteristics, and signs put up.
3. When the unpackaged products are sold directly from handy seedling trays or ceramic basins, labels may be placed on the containers or signs put up.
4. Retailers of transgenic plants shall post signs containing labeling on the product display cases.
5. Signs shall be put up near plants growing in nurseries, and the grower and contact method shall be indicated.
The signs referred to in Subparagraph 5 of the preceding Paragraph shall be 120 cm in length by 75 cm in width; the length and width of labeling characters may not be less than 3 cm.
Article 6
Seeds of transgenic plant shall be fully packaged.
Article 7
Transgenic plants shall be packaged using sturdy breakage-resistant materials and methods that will prevent dispersal, and may not be mixed with other plants.
Article 8
Transgenic plant producers shall bear responsibility for packaging and labeling. When transgenic plants are repackaged before sale, the repackager/seller shall check and correctly label the transgenic plants.
Article 9
These Regulations shall take effect on the day this Act is enforced.