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Title: The Standards Rates of the Fees Concerning Plant Variety and Plant Seed Administration CH
Amended Date: 2022-02-08
Category: Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan(行政院農業委員會)
Article 1
These Standards are enacted in accordance with Article 52, Paragraph 3 and Article 61, Paragraph 5 of the Plant Variety and Plant Seed Act and Article 10 of the Charges and Fees Act.
Article 2
The plant variety right application fee, certificate fee, and annual fees are as follows:
1. The application fee of plant variety right shall be NT$2,000 for each variety.
2. The certificate fee of plant variety right shall be NT$1,000 for each variety.
3. Annual fees of plant variety right:
(1) The first to the third year: NT$600 per year.
(2) The fourth to the sixth year: NT$1,200 per year.
(3) The seventh to the ninth year: NT$2,400 per year.
(4) The 10th to the 12th year: NT$4,800 per year.
(5) The 13th to the 16th year: NT$9,600 per year.
(6) The 17th year and after: NT$19,200 per year.
Article 3
The characteristics examinationfee of plant variety shall be NT$12,000 for each variety.
Thecharacteristics follow-up testing fee of plant variety shall beNT$6,000 for each variety.
The translation fee for the characteristicsexamination reports shall be charged for each variety as prescribed inthe applicable international agreement.
Article 4
The application fee for licensing a plant variety right to a third party or creating a pledge on a plant variety right, and the fee for canceling a registration shall be NT$500 for each variety.
The application fee for registration of inheritance or assignment of plant variety right shall be NT$1,000 for each variety.
Article 5
The application fee for a plant variety right compulsory license shall be NT$30,000 for each variety for non-profit users and NT$60,000 for each variety for for-profit users.
Article 6
The application fee for nullification or cancellation of a third party's plant variety right shall be NT$3,000 for each variety.The additional fees specified in Article 3 must also be paid if characteristics examination or characteristics follow-up testing is required.
Article 7
The application fee for approval of a transgenic plant field test institution shall be NT$12,000 per case.
Article 8
The application fee of genetic characteristics investigation or biosafety assessment permit for a transgenic strain shall be NT$8,000 per case; the application fee for the two tests combined shall be NT$12,000 per case.
Article 9
The application fee for issuance of a registration certificate for plant seed enterprise shall be NT$800 per certificate.
Article 10
The application fee for replacement or re-issue of a registration certificate for plant seed enterprise or plant variety right certificate shall be NT$500 per certificate.
Article 11
These Standards shall take effect on the day this Act is enforced.
Theamended articles of the Standards Rates shall come into effect uponpromulgation.