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Title: Regulations for Food Labeling CH
Amended Date: 2014-12-10
Category: Ministry of Agriculture(農業部)
Article 1
These regulations are prescribed in accordance with the requirement of Paragraph 3 of Article 14 of the “ Food Administration Act ” (hereinafter referred to as the “ Act ” ).
Article 2
Terms used in these regulations are defined as follows:
1.Market sale: refers to behaviors of publicly selling commodities to non-specific persons to obtain a price relationship.
2.Labeling: refers to name, descriptive text, picture or symbols written down on the packaging, container of market selling products or the sign of bulk food.
3.Items to be labeled in the food packaging shall include:
3.1 Product name: refers to name of food category.
3.2 Quality specifications: refers to the combination and composition of the quality of contents.
3.3 Origin: refers to the sources of raw materials for food production.
3.4 Net weight: refers to the weight of the contents.
3.5 Grinding date: refers to the date of food produced.
3.6 Expiration date: refers to the period from manufacturing date to the expiry date of safe and secure for edibles.
3.7 Name, telephone number and address of manufacturer: refers to the name, telephone number and address of domestic or foreign manufacturer who completes the final packaging of the finished product.
3.8 Name, telephone number and address of domestic responsible manufacturer: refers to the name, telephone number and address of domestic supplier who is responsible for the import, distribution or entrusted to manufacture the packaging food.
4.Items to be labeled in bulk food shall include:
4.1 Name: refers to the name of food category.
4.2 Origin: refers to the sources of raw materials for food production
Article 3
Items to be labeled in packaged foods shall be responsible by domestic manufacturers.
If manufacturer specified in the Subparagraph 7 and 8 of Paragraph 3 of the preceding Article is domestic good dealer, the manufacturer name shall be the same as the information registered by the food dealer, and there shall be no circumstance of untrue or uttering label of manufacturer ’ s telephone number and address.
Items to be labeled in bulk food shall be displayed through notice sign by trafficker.
The notice sign mentioned in the preceding paragraph may be suspended, stood (inserted) or stuck by the form of card or sign (board).
Article 4
The label of items shall be handled in accordance with the following provisions:
1.Item shall be labeled in notable and legible Chinese and common symbols; provided, however, that the name and address of manufacturer of packed food imported from abroad can be labeled in foreign language.
2.The Chinese font shall be limited to the traditional characters. Foreign imported food should complete its Chinese label prior to selling.
3.Packed food manufactured and responsible by the same domestic manufacturer may just label the domestic manufacturer.
4.The length and width of font of packed food label are provided as follows:
4.1 The origin shall not be less than 0.6 cm.
4.2 The product name, manufacturer name and expiration date shall not be less than 0.2 cm.
4.3 Other items ought to be labeled shall not be less than 0.2 cm. Provided, however, that package or container whose surface area is less than two hundred and fifty square centimeter and labeled with other significant ways for consumers to identify is not subject to such requirement.
5.The packaged food shall clearly label the origin in an obvious position on the front side of the package or container. Unless other ways approved by the competent authority, the grinding date and expiration date shall be printed or typewritten on the package or container.
6.The length and width of the font of bulk food product name and origin shall not be less than one centimeter.
7.Food mixing with more than two kinds of food shall be labeled according to the ratio of food categories in descending order.
8.For mixed food which is sold in the form of packaging or container in which a single food item in the packaging or container consists up to fifty percent or more of its content, the way of its label shall be governed by these regulations.
Article 5
Foods with national standard names shall be labeled in accordance with the names set by national standards; otherwise, they shall be labeled with proper names.
Article 6
Packed foods with quality specification of national standard as well as in line with comparable level shall be labeled contents according to the national standard grade; those who fail to reach national standard or comparable level shall label contents in accordance with the quality specifications stipulated by the national standard.
Packed food without quality specification of national standard shall refer to the quality specifications of the same category of food listed in the national standard and shall set quality specification sheet and label contents of its own accord.
Article 7
Foods sold in the markets shall label the origin of its raw materials; domestically produced food shall label the county name or Taiwan or administrative area of municipal or county (city); imported food shall label the name of production country ; food mixed with two or more kinds of compositions from different countries shall label individual ratio, respectively.
The requirement of Subparagraph 2 of Article 14-1 of this Act shall not apply to food dealers who, in response to specific requirements of buyers, mix the imported rice with domestic rice which does not belong to food to be sold in the market but to serve as a material for processing or specific use that is marked with font of for the usage of processing or specific as well as blending with import rice
Article 8
Packed food shall label contents in metric system and may indicate an error value.
The range of allowable negative error shall comply with the relevant regulation of the CNS 12924 Checking the Net Contents of Packaged Foods in the National Standards of the Republic of China (CNS).
Article 9
The grinding date (YY/MM/DD) shall be labeled in an identifiable way in accordance with customary.
Article 10
Where an expiration date can be calculated to a valid date, an effective date shall be marked.
Article 11
The content of rice variety labeled in the packaging or container shall reach more than eighty percent.
Article 12
Food with quality worse than the second grade of available national standard levels shall not be labeled, promoted or advertised with words of high or good quality which are easy to cause consumer confusion or misunderstanding.
Article 13
For food being specially processed, the manufacturer shall indicate its processing methods.
Article 14
The packaging of food shall comply with the requirement provided by sanitation standard of food instrument, container and package.
Article 15
These regulations shall take effect on December the 18th, 2014 .