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Article 1
These Standards are enacted in accordance with Article 44, Paragraph 2 of the Plant Variety and Plant Seed Act.
Article 2
A plant seed enterprise shall possess the following qualifications:
1. It must be a natural person or juristic person.
2. It must have a fixed place of business.
Article 3
A plant seed enterprise shall state its type of business from among the following items when applying for registration:
1. breeding;
2. propagation of seeds and nursery stock;
3. export of seeds and nursery stock;
4. import of seeds and nursery stock;
5. sale of seeds and nursery stock; and
6. propagation, import/export, or sale of transgenic plant seed.
Article 4
A plant seed enterprise engaged in breeding or propagation shall possess the following equipments:
1. Breeding enterprises:
(1) Low-temperature refrigeration equipment: Refrigerators or coolers for the storage of plant seed materials, tools, or chemicals, etc.
(2) Disinfection or sterilization equipment: Equipment needed to prevent contamination from pathogens during operating processes.
2. Propagation enterprises:
(1) Seed propagation enterprises:
a. Wind sorting machines or other separation equipment for seed.
b. Sealing machines or jar sealing machines.
c. Seed storage equipments such as low-temperature (below 15°C) dry storage chambers (greater than 1 cubic meter) and sealed seed barrels holding over 200 kg of seed.
d. Quality inspection equipments for checking seed cleanliness and germination percentage, etc.
e. Weighing machines.
(2) Nursery stock propagation enterprises:
a. Nursery: Over 1,000 square meters.
b. Refrigeration equipment: More than one low-temperature (below 15°C) constant temperature chamber or refrigerator.
c. Disinfection equipment: High-temperature and high-pressure sterilizer or other disinfection equipments.
Article 5
Plant seed enterprises engaging in the propagation, import/export, or sale of transgenic plant seed shall register their business items to the competent authorities of the regions where the transgenic plant seeds to be deliberately released.
To avoid contamination with non-transgenic plants, the plant seed enterprise referred to in the preceding Paragraph shall possess dedicated management personnel and adopt relevant management measures.
Article 6
A plant seed enterprise referred to in the preceding Article shall use a unitary identification number for indexing, possess a registration book, and record the following information:
1. names of transgenic plants;
2. sources of transgenic plants;
3. Propagators and their propagation records;
4. whereabouts of sold transgenic plants;
5. transgenic plant transaction dates and quantities; and
6. transgenic plant transaction receipts or proof.
Article 7
The registration book referred to in the preceding Article shall be preserved for at least five years for inspection by the competent authority when necessary.
The competent authority shall preserve the confidentiality of any information involving business secrets referred to in the preceding Paragraph.
Article 8
These Standards shall take effect on the day this Act is enforced.