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Article 1
These Regulations are prescribed pursuant to Article 15, Paragraph 2 of the Assisted Reproduction Act (hereinafter referred to as “the Act”).
Article 2
Assisted Reproduction Institution (hereinafter referred to as the Institution) using the donated reproductive cells to conduct assisted reproduction shall issue a medical certificate (see Attachment 1) to the recipient couple for applying kinsfolk relation record certificate from local household administration in accordance with the Regulations for Application and Management of Kinsfolk Relation Record.
Article 3
Those who intend to receive donated sperm or oocyte for assisted reproduction shall apply for kinsfolk relation record certificate of the wife or husband side respectively to include her or his lineal blood relatives and the collateral relatives by blood within the fourth degree of relationship, as well as his or her lineal relatives by blood and by marriage. However, if one of the recipient couple is a foreigner with apparent difficulty in obtaining the kinsfolk relation record certificate, they shall submit an Affidavit (see Attachment 2) detailing the reasons and sign in person.
Article 4
Prior to conducting the assisted reproduction, the institution shall cross-check the kinsfolk relation record certificate submitted by the recipient couple and the donor’s name, date of birth as well as other personal information. If it is verified that there is no such situations as defined in Article 15, Paragraph 1 of the Act, the Institution shall apply to the competent authority for further verification based on the donor's information in the assisted reproductive database.
The medical institution shall be obligated to maintain the confidentiality of the kinsfolk relation record of the recipient couple, and shall not disclose any information without justifiable reasons.
Article 5
The competent authority shall notify the verification result to the Institution within fifteen days after receiving the application in accordance with paragraph 1 of the preceding article.
Article 6
The Institution can use the verified specific donated reproductive cells to conduct the assisted reproduction for the recipient couple only after receiving the written notice as stated in the preceding article which can approve absence of the situations as defined in Article 15, Paragraph 1 of the Act.
Article 7
The competent authority may appoint its subordinate Health Promotion Administration or entrust relevant juridical entities or organizations to perform the verification affairs as set in the Regulations.
Article 8
The Regulations shall become effective from November 15, 2018.