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Title: Regulations Governing the Expenses Reduction, Exemption or Subsidy of Genetic Health Measures CH
Amended Date: 2014-11-03
Category: Ministry of Health and Welfare(衛生福利部)
Article 1
These regulations are formulated in accordance with the provisions stipulated in Paragraph 2, Article 16 of the Genetic Health Act.
Article 2
The genetic health measures for the expenses reduction, exemption or subsidy of these regulations are as follows:
1. Examinations for genetic diseases:
(1)Neonatal screening for inborn errors of metabolism identified by the central competent authority.
(2)Confirmatory diagnosis for neonatal screening for inborn errors of metabolism positive cases identified by the central competent authority.
(3)Thalassemia gene analysis.
(4)Blood cytogenetic testing.
(5)Prenatal genetic diagnosis, including cytogenetic testing, genetic testing, biochemical genetics or other prenatal genetic testing.
(6)Confirmatory diagnosis for the abortive tissue or the stillbirth.
(7)Other genetic disease examinations identified by the central competent authority.
2. Psychiatric disease examinations.
3. Fertility regulation services: intrauterine contraceptive device.
4. Surgical sterilization.
5. Induced abortion.
Article 3
Those who are eligible for the previous genetic health measures shall be exempted from their expenses.
For the exempted expenses specified in the preceding paragraph, institutions that handle the genetic health measures may apply for the subsidies from the competent authorities.
Article 4
Regulations governing the items, eligible recipients and providers, amount of the expenses reduction or exemption, and the competent authorities for receiving the subsidy claims for the genetic health measures mentioned in
Article 2 are prescribed in Table 1.
The areas with limited medical resources for genetic health measures referred to in Table 1 of the preceding paragraph are prescribed in Table 2.
Article 5
To apply for the subsidies of expense exemption or reduction of genetic health measures, the institutions shall prepare the application forms, the case records and other relevant documents.
Article 6
For the genetic health measures expenses subsidized under the Regulations, the competent agencies of central and municipal governments shall designate annual budgets.
Article 7
The Regulations takes effect from the date of its promulgation.
Articles of the Regulations amended and promulgated on April 19, 2006 shall take effective on July1, 2006. Articles of the Regulations amended and promulgated on November 3, 2013 shall take effective on January 1, 2014.