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Title: Standards for Subsidies for Funeral Costs of Human Remains Subject to Autopsy CH
Amended Date: 2013-10-24
Category: Ministry of Health and Welfare(衛生福利部)
Article 1
This set of Standards is formulated in accordance with regulations of Paragraph 5, Article 50 of the Communicable Disease Control Act.
Article 2
For human remains that die of communicable diseases or suspected communicable diseases, and which have been subjected to an autopsy by order of the central competent authority, a subsidy of NT$ 300,000 on funeral costs shall be paid to each case.
Article 3
Priorities of persons who have rights to claim for the above-mentioned subsidies shall be as follows:
1. The spouse;
2. Younger lineal relatives by blood;
3. Parents;
4. Siblings;
5. Grandparents;
6. Great grandparents or collateral relatives by blood of third degree;
7. Lineal relatives by marriage of first degree.
If there are more than two of the persons with the right to claim, one shall be nominated on behalf.
Article 4
Persons with the right to claim for subsidies on funeral costs shall submit an application form and submit together with the following documents for application to the competent authority of the former residence of the deceased.
1. Original copy of the death certificate of the case or the autopsy report;
2.Household registration certificates (to certify the kinship relations between the persons with right to claim and the deceased);
3. Original copy of the notice for pathological autopsy of the remains;
4.Other documents designated by the central competent authority.
Article 5
Upon acceptance of the above-mentioned application, local competent authority shall conduct preliminary review of the attached documents and prepare a report on the findings of the preliminary review, and submit the report together with the application for subsidy and relevant certificates to the central competent authority for review and approval.
Article 6
After receipt of the application mentioned in the preceding Article, the central competent authority shall notify in writing the person with right to claim the results of review.
When the results of review mentioned above are to agree on subsidy on funeral costs, subsidy shall be dispersed within two months, with copy to the competent authority of the residence of the case.
Article 7
This set of Standards shall be implemented on the day of announcement.