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Article 1
These Standards are promulgated according to Article 92 of the Telecommunications Management Act (hereinafter referred to as the Act).
Article 2
With regard to applications for radio frequency allocation review by telecommunications enterprises according to Paragraph 1, Article 53 of the Act, the review fees are as follows:
Mobile communications network frequency allocation: NT$1 million per piece.
Newly established satellite communications network (or satellite system) radio frequency allocation: NT$1 million per piece.
Additional or modified radio frequencies in existing satellite communications networks: NT$500,000 per piece.
Application for allocation of satellite communications network frequencies at the expiry of the frequency use period based on the original allocated frequencies: NT$5,000 per piece.
Article 3
Applicants who have paid the fees as stipulated in these Standards may not request a refund, except in the case of overpayment, payment by mistake or as otherwise provided for in the regulations.
Article 4
The Standards shall become effective on August 27, 2022.