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Title: Processing Fee Criteria for Satellite Broadcasting Businesses and Foreign Satellite Broadcasting Businesses CH
Amended Date: 2016-01-30
Category: National Communications Commission(國家通訊傳播委員會)
Article 1
The standards are enacted pursuant to the Satellite Broadcasting Act, Article 66.
Article 2
The following are the processing fee criteria for reviewing and licensing fees on a channel and item of business for satellite broadcasting and foreign satellite broadcasting businesses’governing applications.
1. Reviewing fee:
(1)application for operation: NTD50,000.
(2)renew the license: NTD50,000.
2.Licensing fee:
(1)license issuance:NTD5,000.
(2)license renew due to expiration:NTD5,000.
(3)license replacement due to the change of registration information, lost or corruption:NTD5,000.
Article 3
The Standards shall take effect from the date of promulgation.