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Title: Act of Broadcasting Language Equality Protection in Public Transport CH
Announced Date: 2000-04-19
Category: Ministry of Transportation and Communications(交通部)
Article 1
This Act is enacted in order to maintain substantive equality among various domestic ethnic groups, promotes multi-cultural development and facilitates the use of public transport by various ethnic groups.
Article 2
The broadcasting service in public transport should be processed in accordance with this Act. If other regulations are more favorable to ensure language equality than the regulations contained herein, the most favorable ones shall be followed.
Article 3
The public transport specified in this Act refers to ships, vehicles and aircraft providing transportation service for unspecified people or the general public. Stations for public transport, waiting areas for passengers in public transport stations and other places with a similar function shall be covered by the relevant regulations of public transport in this Act.
Article 4
The language specified in this Act refers to the languages commonly used by various domestic ethnic groups.
Article 5
The competent authorities specified in this Act refer to the legal competent authorities for various public transportation services.
Article 6
In addition to Mandarin, Southern Fujianes Dialect and Hakka Dialect should be broadcasted in public transport. The competent authorities may consider adding other indigenous ethnic languages to broadcast based on factors such as indigenous tribe cultures and local characteristics. Northern Fujian (Fuzhou) Dialect should be added in Matsu areas. Broadcasting services in public transport involved in international transportation should use at least one commonly used domestic language.
Article 7
Regarding public transport operators that violate this Act, the competent authorities shall order them to make improvements within a certain time period. For those who fail to make improvements before the deadline, the operators shall be fined from NT$ 30,000 to NT$ 300,000 and the names of the company/business will be announced publically. For those who fail to make improvement after being fined twice, part of their route operation permits shall be revoked or restricted. If the situation is deemed serious, the right of operation will be terminated.
Article 8
This Act shall take effect three months after the date of promulgation.