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Title: Regulations for Management of Radioactive Waste below Certain Activity or Specific Activity CH
Announced Date: 2004-12-29
Category: Atomic Energy Council(行政院原子能委員會)
Article 1
The Regulations are formulated according to stipulations in paragraph 2, article 31 of the Nuclear Materials and Radioactive Waste Management Act.
Article 2
The terms used in the Regulations are defined as follows:
1. Activity: refers to the number of spontaneous disintegrations occurring in a certain amount of radionuclides at a given time.
2. Specific activity: activity per unit mass.
3. Release: the removal of solid radioactive waste from the facilities for recycling, bury or incineration.
Article 3
Radioactive waste (hereinafter abbr. as the waste) stipulated in the regulations means solid radioactive waste excluding what stipulated as follows:
1. Waste derived from natural occurring radioactive materials.
2. Radioactive waste produced by patients discharged from hospital who have received nuclear medical diagnosis or treatment.
The clearance level for the waste in above paragraphs shall be in accord with stipulations in the appendix table.
Article 4
Radioactive waste with activity or specific activity in accord with the stipulations of clearance level in the above article shall be allowed for release.
To implement release of waste, a release plan specifying the following contents shall be submitted to the competent authority for approval prior to implementation:
1. Managing organization and responsibilities.
2. Sources and characteristic of the waste.
3. Measuring and analysis methods for the activity or specific activity of the waste.
4. Method and place for release of the waste.
5. Quality assurance program.
6. Other matters specified by the competent authority in public notice.
The release plan referred to in the above paragraph may be integrated in the radiation protection plan for submission.
Article 5
Release operation records of subparagraph 2 to 4 in paragraph 2 of the above article shall be kept for 10 years for future checking.
Article 6
Based on the radiation dose evaluation on the radioactive waste, the annual individual effective dose not exceeds 0.01 mSv and the collective dose not exceeds 1 person-Sv, a radiation dose evaluation report and release plan shall be submitted to the competent authority for approval prior to implementing release of waste.
Article 7
Deliberate mixing dilution of radioactive waste to meet the values of specific activity given in article 3 shall not be permitted. Those approved by the competent authority is not subject to this restriction.
Article 8
These Regulations shall come into force as of the date of promulgation.