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Title: Standards For Application Fees Related To Copyright Affairs CH
Amended Date: 2010-04-12
Category: Ministry of Economic Affairs(經濟部)
Article 1
These Standards are enacted pursuant to the provisions of paragraph 2 of Article 105 of the Copyright Act.
Article 2
The fees for applications related to copyright affairs are listed as follows:
1.Application for approval of compulsory license of musical works:NT$3,000 per work.
2.Application for plate right recordals:NT$3,600 per application ; NT$100 per recordals; and NT$100 per publication in gazette.
3.Application for plate right assignment recordals:NT$1,200 per case.
4. Application for plate right trust recordals:NT$1,200 per case.
5.Application for reviewing the plate right recordals:application for reviewing sample copy or evidential documents, NT$100 per case; application for copying evidential documents, NT$100 per case.
6.Application for transcription of plate right recordals:NT$50 per case. For further search:an additional NT$20 per page. However, no fees will be charged to the applicant if the trans-
cription is issued with plate right recordal approval letter.
7.Application for copyright dispute mediation:NT$4,000 per case.
Article 3
These Standards shall come into force from the date of promulgation.