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Article 1
These Regulations are prescribed pursuant to paragraph 2 of Article 18 of the Foreign Trade Act.
Article 2
International Trade Commission ( hereinafter referred to as"the Commission") is authorized to:
1.Conduct injury investigation under paragraph 1 of Article 18 of the Foreign Trade Act.
2.Deliberate an institution, make injury determination, and draft trade remedy recommendation of the investigation prescribed in the preceding subparagraph.
3.Conduct injury investigation under Article 19 of the Foreign Trade Act.
4.Provide advisory comments on import relief issues.
5.Conduct research regarding import relief issues.
Article 3
The Commission has the Investigation division and Legal Affairs Office , the Investigation division may have sections with the respective duties of investigation procedure and reviews.
Article 4
The Commission has the Secretariat with the duties of documentation, certification, contractual negotiations, general administrative duties, accounting and other tasks not directly related to trade investigation.
Article 5
The Commission has one Chairman, served concurrently by the Vice Minister of Economic Affairs. There are twelve to fourteen ex officio members designated by the Chairman. These ex officio members consist of :
1.Vice Minister of Finance.
2.Vice Chairman, Council for Economic Planning and Development.
3.Vice Chairman, Council of Agriculture.
4.Vice Chairman, Council of Labor Affairs
5.Eight to ten Scholars, experts with expertise in industry, trade, taxation, and law.
The term of each Commissioner shall be three years and the Commissioner may be appointed a second term. The Commissioner is an unpaid position .
Article 6
The Commission hold one meeting monthly and hold an extemporaneous meeting at any time when necessary, which is convened and presided over by the Chairman.
In case the Chairman cannot preside over the meeting in person for causes, he can appoint a Commissioner to act as the Chair.
The Commission may invite experts and relevant government officials to appear in such said meeting.
Article 7
The Commission shall have Executive Secretary, Deputy Executive Secretary, Directors, Deputy Director, Executive Officers of different grades, Specialists, and Clerks.
Article 8
The Commission shall have assigned Personnel staff and assigned Accounting staff appointed directly from Ministry of Economic Affairs.
Article 9
The Commission is authorized to employ consultants of various specializations and under different capacity on acting and/or contingent basis so as to provide expert opinions and advisory annotations.
Article 10
The job title, ranks and grade of the Commission employees shall be ruled by organic table.
The aforesaid job grade shall be in strict accordance with the regulations.
Article 11
The Commission shall provide detailed information and specifications upon inquiry.
Article 12
These Regulations shall be effective on the date of promulgation.