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Article 1
In compliance with national development, the National Science Council established the Science and Technological Information Center in order to promote the advancement of scientific and technological research.
Article 2
Below are the respective duties and responsibilities for the corresponding positions of the above-mentioned center (National Science Council)
1) Compile, analyze, summarize, publish, report and perform other related responsibilities on all domestic and international scientific and technological news articles, periodicals, journals, magazines, patented government publications, and other related materials.
2) In order to fulfill the demands of educational research advancements in the government sector, to accept and to manage entrusted responsibilities on consulting, translating, duplicating and other related matters.
3) In order to join forces and to communicate with local and international technical informants in order to exchange ideas and technologies.
4) To conduct investigations on compiled and other published materials regarding scientific and technological talents, research and other specialized topics.
5) Other research and progress reports on matters regarding other scientific and technologically-related documents
Article 3
The above-mentioned center employs a director general to summarize the center’s business activities and to supervise the employees who are under his/her department.
Article 4
The above-mentioned center has three divisions that function in handling of the duties and responsibilities enumerated in article 2 as well as in delegating work to the other sub-departments.
Article 5
The above-mentioned center establishes a secretariat committee that is responsible for the processing of data, discussion of business, publishing, public relations, general affairs and research and other related matters not mentioned in the other divisions.
Article 6
The above-mentioned center establishes positions for chairmen, department chiefs, secretaries, department chairpersons, officers, delegated staff members and employed staff members.
Article 7
The above-mentioned center establishes positions for accountants and account assistants in order to fulfill organizational responsibilities such as the preparation of the annual budget and other accounting and statistical matters.
Article 8
The above-mentioned center establishes positions for HR (human resources) staff members and HR assistants whose responsibilities include personnel management, evaluation and other related matters.
Article 9
The above-mentioned center will organize a database in order to systematize job description, job rank and total population of employees.
Article 10
For the compilation of scientific and technological information on research and development, the editing of scientific and technological records and publications, furnishing, inquiry and translation services on research materials, the above-mentioned center has to appoint the research staff members, vice-research staff members, assistant research members and research assistants.
Article 11
The above-mentioned center has to arrange a committee according to the needs of the organization’s needs. The committee members, as a whole, would not be paid, would have one-year tenure of office and would accept a second-term appointment.
Article 12
Should the need of it arise, the detailed regulations will be revised.
Article 13
These rules and regulations will be implemented upon the issuance of this document.