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Title: The Organizational Act of the National Human Rights Museum CH
Announced Date: 2017-12-13
Category: Ministry of Culture(文化部)
Article 1
The National Human Rights Museum (hereinafter the “Museum”) is established by the Ministry of Culture for handling the research, collection, exhibition, education, promotion and other affairs in relation to human rights.
Article 2
The Museum shall be responsible for the following matters:
1. The collection, research, exhibition, education and promotion of human rights files, historical materials and documents during the authoritarian rule era.
2. The operation and management of the Green Island White Terror Memorial Park and the Jing Mei White Terror Memorial Park, and assistance in the preservation and revitalization of such sites of infamy during the authoritarian rule period.
3. Assist in the development of organizations working to realize and promote current human rights philosophies, as well as the exchange and cooperation between related museums in Taiwan and abroad.
4. Any other matter related to the history of human rights and cultural education, as well as the compilation and distribution of human rights publications.
Article 3
The Museum shall have one (1) Curator, whose position shall be of the twelfth to thirteenth grade senior level public official, and may be hired in the same manner as a principal or a professor of a junior college or higher if necessary; and one (1) Vice-Curator, whose position shall be of the eleventh grade senior level public official, and may be hired in the same manner as an assistant professor if necessary.
Article 4
The official titles, grade levels and numbers of the staff at the Museum shall be separately set out by an organization chart.
Article 5
The implementation date of this Act shall be prescribed by the Executive Yuan.