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Title: The Organizational Act for the National Library of Public information CH
Announced Date: 2012-02-03
Category: Ministry of Education(教育部)
Article 1
The Ministry of Education established the National Library of Public Information (hereinafter referred to as “NLPI”) to administer duties involved in integrating nationwide resources for public libraries; promoting lifelong learning; providing diverse digital resources and global library and information services, and guidance and assistance to local public libraries.
Article 2
The NLPI shall be in charge of the following matters:
1. Managing and maintaining knowledge organization, including the acquisition and cataloging of library materials and digital resources, and converting media into digital resources.
2. Archiving and maintaining library materials, information and documentation for reading and circulation, and providing user services.
3. Integrating public library resources and promoting inter-library communication and cooperation.
4. Promoting, publishing, and media marketing for the use of the library, as well as providing guidance and assistance regarding the affairs of local public libraries and to the professional education and training of public librarians.
5. Maintaining physical and online reference services and multicultural services, and establishing subject knowledge bases.
6. The use of digital resources and multimedia materials, the cultivation of users’ e-learning and information literacy, and the provision of social network services.
7. Planning, implementation, management, and maintenance of hardware and software in NLPI’s information systems and information security, and the shared information service systems of public libraries.
8. Handling other affairs related to library and information resources and services and to the guidance of public libraries.
Article 3
The NLPI shall have one (1) director-general with a civil service rank of grade twelve (12), if necessary, who may be appointed in accordance with the qualifications equivalent to or higher than that of the president of a college and one deputy director-general who has the rank of grade ten (10) to eleven (11).
Article 4
The ranks, grades, and number of the positions of NLPI staff shall be governed by a separate organizational chart.
Article 5
The date that this Act becomes effective shall be announced by the Executive Yuan.