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Title: Organic Law of the Sports Administration, Ministry of Education CH
Announced Date: 2012-02-03
Category: Ministry of Education(教育部)
Article 1
The Sports Administration, Ministry of Education(also SAMOE) was established to govern national sports affairs.
Article 2
The SAMOE oversees the following:
1.Integrated planning, implementation and supervision of sports policies and system, as well the formulation of pertinent regulations.
2.Planning, implementation, supervision and incentives for sports lottery, Sports Development Fund and sports industry development.
3.Planning, implementation and supervision of school sports development.
4.Planning, implementation and supervision of sports for all development.
5.Planning, implementation and supervision of competitive sports development.
6.Planning, implementation and supervision of international and cross-straits sports exchanges development.Planning, implementation and supervision of sports facilities development.
7.Liaison and coordination matters of professional sports.
8.Counseling and supervision of the National Sports Training Center.
9.Other sports related affairs.
Article 3
One minister to govern the SAMOE, who holds senior rank position 13 to 14, and who must fulfill university dean qualifications when necessary; two deputy ministers who hold senior rank position 12.
Article 4
One secretary-general who holds senior rank position 11.
Article 5
Official titles and capacities of all other positions will be formulated in another organization table.
Article 6
The effective date will be determined by the Executive Yuan.