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Article 1
The Ministry of Culture establishes National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute (hereinafter the “Institute”) to conduct the collection, compilation, research, preservation, exhibition, promotion, guidance and talent cultivation of the Taiwan craft culture and industry.
Article 2
The Institute shall be in charge of the following matters:
1. The research of the craft culture and the preservation of, exhibition of and competitive activities in relation to craft artworks.
2. The education and promotion of craft culture aesthetics.
3. The collection of, research of, compilation of, application of and provision of consultant services in craft information.
4. The international exchange in craft culture.
5. The resource investigation, the integration research and the innovation cultivation in the craft industry.
6. The application, testing and analysis of the research and development in craft techniques.
7. The cultivation and training of creative designers in craft techniques.
8. The creative design and value-added application in craft.
9. The support to and development of the craft industry.
10. Other matters related to Taiwan craft.
Article 3
The Institute shall have one (1) Director, whose position shall be at the twelfth grade senior-level civil servant, and may be hired in the same manner as a principal or a professor of a junior college or higher if necessary; and one (1) Deputy-Director, whose position shall be at the eleventh grade senior-level civil servant, and may be hired in the same manner as an associate professor if necessary.
Article 4
The official titles, grade levels and numbers of the staffs at the Institute shall be separately set out by an organization chart.
Article 5
The implementation date of this Act shall be determined by order of the Executive Yuan.