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Title: Art for the Organization of the Central Taiwan Science Park Administration CH
Abolished Date: 2015-06-10
Category: Ministry of Science and Technology(科技部)
Article 1
The National Science Council of the Executive Yuan shall establish the Central Taiwan Science Park Administration(hereinafter referred to as “Park Administration”) to administer the affairs of the Central Taiwan Science Park.
Article 2
The park administration is in charge of the following affairs:
1. realizing and promoting park development in terms of the policies, strategies and plans.
2. planning and managing the park information business, promoting park information, the application and integration thereof, designing information systems, training and providing related consulting services.
3. promoting the high-tech R&D activities; training high-tech professionals and acquiring human resources for allocation.
4. introducing inward investment; evaluating the capability and feasibility of park company and its product; providing services in terms of the common technology facilities, foreign exchanges and trade affairs, product examination and issuance of certification, the issuance of certification for the place of origin, and product marketing survey.
5. supervising the industrial and commercial business, business registration in the Park, counseling business operation, auditing financial affairs, certifying business registration and issuance of tax reduction for enterprises, approval and anagement of overseas Chinese employees and foreign labors, management and providing advice regarding the affairs of storage, transportation and bonded warehouse, and prevention of smuggling and management of public safety and civil defense affairs.
6. managing labor relations, occupational safety and health, labor standards inspection and planning the affairs of environment protection.
7. managing land arrangement and acquisition affairs, handling the lease of factories and dormitories and supervising the management and incomes from other public property, management of land use control for urban planning and construction, and landscape planning and management thereof.
8. planning and design of land development and maintaining and constructing each public facility, construction of public facilities, factories, and dormitories and ssuance of industry-used power permits.
9. other businesses authorized by Article 6 of Act for Establishment and Administration of Science Parks.
Article 3
The Park Administration shall have one(1) Director General, the position of which is treated as the 13th selected appointment rank;two (2) Deputy Director Generals, the position of which is treated as the 12th selected appointment rank.
Article 4
The Park Administration shall have one(1) Chief Secretary, the position of which is treated as the 11th selected appointmen t rank.
Article 5
The ranks, grades and number of positions of staffs in Park Administration shall be governed by a separate organization chart.
Article 6
The Act shall become effective as of the date of its promulgation.