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Title: Organization Act of the Fiscal Information Agency, Ministry of Finance CH
Announced Date: 2012-02-03
Category: Ministry of Finance(財政部)
Article 1
The Fiscal Information Agency (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Agency’) is established by the Ministry of Finance for the purpose of overseeing the information businesses of its headquarters and subordinate agencies.
Article 2
The Agency is responsible for the following affairs:
1. The overall planning, coordination, research and evaluation of the information systems of the Ministry of Finance.
2. Deliberation, inspection and assessment on operations, plans, equipments and performance of the information systems of the Ministry of Finance and its subordinate agencies.
3. The planning, advocacy and assessment for information security of the Ministry of Finance and its subordinate agencies.
4. The overall planning of fiscal information management, system design, examining and reviewing of procedural handbooks and regulations, operation training, guiding, supervising and controlling.
5. The implementation of data collection, processing and utilization in accordance with the Tax Collection Act and other relevant laws.
6. The establishment and management of the information system for government procurement and private participation in infrastructure.
7. The other matters related to the fiscal information of the Ministry of Finance.
Article 3
The Agency shall appoint one Director-General, graded at the 13th senior-level to oversee the overall management of the Agency and two Deputy Director-Generals, graded at the 12th senior-level to assist the director-general to oversee the Agency
Article 4
The Agency shall appoint a Chief Secretary, graded at the 11th senior-level.
Article 5
The titles, ranks and number of positions of the Agency shall be further defined by a separate organization chart.
Article 6
The effective date for this Act shall be decided by the Executive Yuan.