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Article 1
This Standard is enacted according to paragraph 2 of Article 22 of theFreedom of Government Information Law (hereinafter referred to as the "Law").
Article 2
The fee for reading,hand copying, transcribing, or photographing publicrecords and/or government publications is NT$20 for every two hours. Timespent less than two hours is counted as two hours.
Article 3
The fee for dupliicating or copying public records or governmentpublications shall be charged in accordance with the Fee-chargingStandard Table (as the attached table.)
The items undefined in the above Fee-charging Standard Table shallbe charged in accordance with the actual costs of duplication orcopying.
Article 4
Where mailing service is required in addition to reproduction orduplication of government information, the postage shall be chargedaccording to the actual expense.
Article 5
The applicant that requests the government information for academic research or public interest use shall state the purpose, object, content, use, and effectiveness, and attach the relevant documentary proof. After the request is approved, the fee shall be halved except for the actual mailing expenses.
Article 6
The requested government information that falls within the scope ofbusiness or educational promotions as defined in paragraph 1,Article12 of the Charges and Fees Act may be provided free of charge.
Article 7
The collection of fees as listed in this Standard shall comply with thebudgetary procedures.
Article 8
This Standard shall take effect on the date of its promulgation.