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Title: Organization Act of Veterans General Hospitals CH
Announced Date: 2013-07-03
Category: Veterans Affairs Council(國軍退除役官兵輔導委員會)
Article 1
In order to administer the affairs related to veterans’ medical care and healthcare, medical services for general public, medical professionals training, and medical research and development, three Veterans General Hospitals are set up under the auspices of Veterans Affairs Council(VAC). The respective Veterans General Hospital Gets its official title, in principle, by adding the name of the city where the hospital is located.
Article 2
Veterans General Hospital is in charge of the following affairs:
1.Those related to veterans’ medical care and healthcare.
2.Those related to general public’s medical care and healthcare
3.Those related to medical professionals’ research and training.
4.those related to the cooperation with other hospitals and research institutes on medicine and medical office administration.
5.Those related to the rehabilitation and medical care for disabled patients.
6.Those related to the supervision, coordination and implementation of their branch hospitals’ business.
7.All other matters related to medical care operation and management.
Article 3
Veterans General Hospital shall have a Director-General,2-5 Deputy Director-Generals.
Article 4
Veterans General Hospital shall have a senior level 10~11 Chief Secretary.
Article 5
The ranks and pay grades of all General Hospitals’ medical Professionals and the number of employees shall be listed in their Respective Table of Organization.
Article 6
This Act shall come into force on the date of the Executive Yuan’s order.