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Title: Organization Regulation for the Reserve Command of the Ministry of National Defense CH
Abolished Date: 2012-12-30
Category: Ministry of National Defense(國防部)
Article 1
Ministry of National defense in order to manages the military reserve affairs to establish National Defense Reserve Command.( NDRC)
Article 2
The NDRC administer the following reserved matters:
(1) Planning, supervision, and implementation of political warfare.
(2) Planning and supervision of inspection and legal affairs.
(3) Planning and executing of the matters of personnel management, education, history and administration.
(4) Collecting, inspecting and analyzing of military intelligence.
(5) Planning, councilor of the war preparations reorganization, corps and new soldier training.
(6) Planning, inspecting and executing of the matters of obtaining resource.
(7) Planning, councilor and dispensations of the logistics reorganization and military surgeon business.
(8) Planning, inspecting and executing of the matters of reservist-services and retirement-services.
(9) The reservist handle, serves and backs in addition to the planning, councilor and dispensations of the duty.
(10) Planning、inspecting and executing of the matters of communication, electronic and information.
(11) The army enlists and tries the planning, councilor of the business and carries.
(12) Planning and supervision of the military transportation affairs for the ROC Armed Forces.
(13) Planning, supervision and implementation of other related jointed logistics affairs.
Article 3
To carry out the mobilization of operation and building a fighting force for the preparation of war, the NDRC can institute training、executive、support mechanism and its own troops. The system of the mentioned newly-set units will be regulated by the chart of organization and equipment.
Article 4
The NDRC sets one Commander in chief in rank of second-class general or lieutenant general, one vice Commander in chiefs in the rank of Major general, and one chief of staff in the rank of Major General .
Article 5
Each position in the NDRC, including its rank and amount of personnel, will be stipulated in TOE.
Article 6
The HQ, when deeming it necessary, may employ civilian staffs.
The HQ shall not employ personnel mentioned ahead after the Regulation was revised and promulgated on the date of 15 February, 2006;However, for those already employed in advance of the promulgation date may be kept hired till severance.
Article 7
The Regulations will be put into practice from the promulgation of date.