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Article 1
These Regulations have been formulated in accordance with Article 69 of the Foundations Act.
Article 2
Foreign International Cooperation Foundations (hereinafter “foreign foundations”) whose activities fall under the following categories and which meet the following conditions may submit an application to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (hereinafter “MOFA”) for recognition:
1. The activities of foreign foundations must fall under one of the following categories or purposes:
(1) Democracy and freedom
(2) Human rights and justice
(3) Peace and tolerance
(4) Other types of international cooperation activities approved by MOFA
2. The activities of foreign foundations must be confirmed by MOFA as not being in conflict with the fundamental policies or foreign policy interests of the Republic of China (Taiwan), and foreign foundations must meet one of the following conditions:
(1) Their total assets within the territory of the Republic of China (Taiwan) may not be worth less than NT$15 million, and their total cash ratio may not be less than 50 percent.
(2) They have obtained general or special consultative status in the United Nations Economic and Social Council or have been classified by MOFA as a world-renowned international nongovernmental organization. In both cases, their total assets within the territory of the Republic of China (Taiwan) must not be worth less than NT$5 million.
Foreign foundations granted recognition may have their recognition revoked by MOFA in any of the following circumstances:
1. Their activities in the Republic of China (Taiwan) are incompatible with the aforementioned categories.
2. They violate the conditions established by MOFA for recognition applications.
3. They are unable to renew their consultative status after having successfully applied for MOFA recognition in accordance with Paragraph 1, Subparagraph 2, Item 2.
Article 3
When foreign foundations apply to MOFA for recognition, in addition to the documents specified in Article 69, Paragraph 1 of the Foundations Act, they must submit the following documents specified by MOFA in accordance with the provisions of Subparagraph 7 of the same Paragraph:
1. Business reports for the most recent two years
2. Financial reports for the most recent two years audited or reviewed by a certified public accountant
3. List of assets
4. Annual plan that includes the purpose of establishment, location for establishment, contact information, work items, organization and responsibilities, working methods, and sources of funding
5. A letter of undertaking for public liability insurance for the period of operation in the Republic of China (Taiwan)
The filing date of the list of assets in Subparagraph 3 of the previous Paragraph and the date on the balance sheet must be the same. Types of assets include movable and immovable property. The movable and immovable property items shall be listed using the account titles on the balance sheet. Proof of property ownership shall also be attached. The list of assets shall be signed or stamped by the tabulator, auditor, and representative.
If the documents referred to in Paragraph 1 are in a foreign language, they must be translated into Chinese The original foreign language documents referred to in Subparagraphs 2, 3, and 5 and their Chinese translations must be authenticated by an overseas mission of the Republic of China (Taiwan).
Article 4
These Regulations shall become effective on the date of promulgation.