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Article 1
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall establish the Institute of Diplomacy and International Affairs (hereinafter referred to as “the Institute”), which shall administer training for diplomatic and consular personnel and other related specialists, research on foreign policies, and international exchanges.
Article 2
The Institute shall be in charge of the following matters:
1. Planning and conducting training programs for newly recruited diplomatic, consular and administrative personnel;
2. Planning and conducting training programs for current staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
3. Planning and conducting training programs for staff involved in international affairs from other government agencies;
4. Planning and conducting training programs on international affairs commissioned by other government agencies;
5. Planning and conducting exchanges with personnel from non-governmental organizations involved in international affairs;
6. Planning and conducting exchanges with diplomatic staff from diplomatic allies and friendly non-diplomatic allies, as well as with staff from relevant international organizations;
7. Researching and analyzing mid- and long-term diplomatic policies, diplomatic affairs, international relations and situations, as well as regional issues;
8. Conducting academic cooperation and exchanges with think tanks, research institutes and diplomatic institutes based in Taiwan or overseas; and
9. Handling other affairs related to training, diplomacy research and international exchanges.
Article 3
A Deputy Minister or Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs shall concurrently serve as the Institute’s Chancellor; the Institute shall have one President at senior grades 12-13.
Article 4
The Institute shall have one Chief-Secretary at senior grade 11.
Article 5
The ranks, grades and number of positions of Institute staff shall be governed by a separate organization chart.
Article 6
The date that this Act enters into effect shall be gazetted by the Executive Yuan.