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Title: Organization Act of the Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs CH
Announced Date: 2011-11-14
Category: Ministry of Foreign Affairs(外交部)
Article 1
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall establish the Bureau of Consular Affairs (hereinafter referred to as “the Bureau”) to administer consular affairs.
Article 2
The Bureau shall be in charge of the following matters:
1. Issuing Republic of China (Taiwan) passports and endorsements therein;
2. Issuing visas to holders of foreign passports;
3. Authenticating documents related to consular affairs;
4. Coordinating and handling emergencies involving ROC citizens traveling abroad;
5. Coordinating with local governments and non-governmental organizations to promote municipal diplomacy, international activities, and so forth;
6. Planning, developing, and operating information systems used in consular affairs; and
7. Handling other matters related to consular affairs.
Article 3
The Bureau shall have one Director-General at senior grade 13, and two Deputy Directors-General at senior grade 12.
Article 4
The Bureau shall have one Chief-Secretary at senior grade 11.
Article 5
The ranks, grades and number of positions of Bureau staff shall be governed by a separate organization chart.
Article 6
The date that this Act enters into effect shall be gazetted by the Executive Yuan.