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Article 1
This Method is enacted pursuant to the first section of Article 50 of the Disaster Prevention and Response Law.
Article 2
Civil voluntary organizations assisting in disaster prevention and response shall submit the following documents tothe Ministry of the Interior (hereinafter referred to as “the Ministry”) to apply for authentication.
(1)Letter of application,
(2)List of organization members and their qualified certificates of professional training related to disaster rescue, and
(3)Registration in municipal, county (city) government or disaster prevention and response authority in the centralgovernment, as well as work permit.
The above-mentioned letter of application shall include name, location, and telephone of the organization, as well as name, age, occupation, address, telephone, special skills or knowledge of the principal of the organization.
Article 3
The professional training mentioned in (2) of the above-said Article 2 must be held by the related disaster
preventionand response authorities or other entrusted departments, institutions, organizations, or schools that have disaster
rescue-related specialties, pursuant to relevant prescriptions.
Article 4
For a civil voluntary organization assisting in disaster prevention and response who works solely in a county
(city),application shall be submitted to the local fire department and then transferred by the department to the Ministry. As for
those who work in two or more counties (cities), applications shall be directly submitted to the Ministry for authentication.
In order to handle the above-mentioned authentication, the Ministry shall associate with the central regulating department of
disaster prevention and relief as well as scholars and experts to organize an examination group to perform examinations.
Article 5
After a civil voluntary organization passes the authentication, the Ministry will grant it a certificate.
The period of validity of the above-mentioned certificate is two years. After the period expires, application shall be submitted
again for re-authentication.
Article 6
If alteration of the members of an authenticated civil voluntary organization occurs, a new list of
organizationmembers shall be submitted to the original registration department for examination. In case of new members
added, the qualified certificates of professional training related to disaster rescue shall be enclosed within the list.
Article 7
Each authenticated civil voluntary organization shall, by the end of October every year, send the work plan of the
nextyear to the original registration department for approval, and by the end of February every year, report the work
achievements of the last year for examination.
Article 8
Each authenticated civil voluntary organization shall accept supervision and evaluation from the Ministry and theoriginal registration department.
Article 9
The authentication certificate will be cancelled where the qualified professional training certificate of any member
ofa civil voluntary organization is proved to be false.
Article 10
Authentication certificate will be abolished on occurrence of any of the following:
(1)The organization has less than 20 members.
(2)The organization disobeys the authority’s command and supervision, or its action exceeds the authorizedworking range,
thus encumbering the process of disaster rescue and resulting in harmful effects.
Article 11
Any civil voluntary organization whose authentication is cancelled or abolished can’t re-apply authenticationwithin 6 months since the date of cancellation or abolishment.
Article 12
Any civil voluntary organization that have not been authenticated to be qualified can’t participate or assist indisaster rescue tasks.
Article 13
This Method shall take effect on the date it is promulgated.