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Article 1
This Procedure has been developed pursuant to Paragraph 2, Article 11 of Coast Guard Law.
Article 2
Any operation to be undertaken by Coast Guard Administration (CGA) and/or any organization under CGA as requested by Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC), and/or any agency or organization under MOTC when provided by the law, the nature of the operation and the provisions relied upon for such request shall be published according to Article 15 of Administrative Procedure Law.
Request of assistance between CGA (any agency or organization under CGA) and MOTC (any agency or organization under MOTC) shall be made in writing according to Article 19 of Administrative Procedure Law with the exception of an emergency. When the request is made in any form other than in writing, a later submittal of written information shall be followed.
Article 3
In carrying out any sea and surface joint operation of patrol, CGA and/or any CGA organization shall inform MOTC Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) of the operation for CAA to include aircrafts under control for flight safety by operating flight and radar facilities.
Article 4
In carrying out its assignments as provided by the law, CGA or any CGA organization may duly request MOTC and/or any MOTC agency or organization to provide information and intelligence of criminal activities and information required in the criminal investigation for joint efforts in preventing the crime.
Article 5
To facilitate the completion of mission, CGA (any CGA agency or organization) and MOTC (any MOTC agency or organization) in carrying out their duties as provided by the law may create among them a mechanism for negotiation, and request the other parties to provide information including but not limited to meteorology, hydrology, origin of vehicle, origin of sea vessel, communication resources, and others permitted by the law.
A window for notification shall be established and maintained by CGA, CGA agencies and organizations, and MOTC, MOTC agencies and organizations. All those windows for notification shall be kept close contacts and immediately notify one another in case of any emergency or major condition.
Article 6
CGA and CGA organizations may request MOTC agencies or organizations and those agencies and organizations contracted by MOTC to provide professional training and education for CGA agents in the areas may include navigation, sea vessel engine, telecommunications, and boat with the expenditures incurred to be paid by the budget prepared by CGA and CGA organizations.
When authorized or accredited by MOTC, and proved with the competence for providing in house training, CGA may sponsor its own professional training and education as referred in the first paragraph of this Article.
Article 7
Any failure in reaching agreement between CGA (CGA agencies and organizations) and MOTC (MOTC agencies and organizations) in the course of duly performing their duties shall be referred to the highest authority in CGA and MOTC to negotiate and agree upon a solution.
Article 8
This Procedure shall become operative on and after the date it is published.