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Title: Regulations on Cost Allotment of Common Duct Construction and Management CH
Announced Date: 2001-12-19
Category: Ministry of the Interior(內政部)
Article 1
These regulations are prescribed in accordance with the first sentence of Article 21 of Common Duct Act (The Act).
Article 2
The engineering authority shall share one third (1/3) of the project cost on Common Duct construction, the utility agencies (or organizations) two thirds (2/3) in accordance with their participated categories in Common Duct.
The aforementioned allotment of participated utilities shall use the following formulae:

Rj The ratio of allotment for category j utility agency.
Vj The volume occupied by category j utility. (Cubic Meters)
Cj Traditional construction cost per excavated cubic meter (NT$ / Cu. M) on category j utility, prescribed by the engineering authority after consultation with the relevant utility agencies (or organizations).
Vj × Cj Traditional value of occupied volume for category j utility.
n Number of categories of participated utility in Common Duct.
Article 3
Three (3) months after the completion of Common Duct, the engineering authority and participated utility agencies (or organizations) shall appropriate five (5) % of total construction cost to set up a special account for the management and maintenance of Common Duct. The payment of the aforementioned special account is limited to this particular purpose.
The allotting manner of aforementioned appropriation shall follow the formulae set forth in Article 2.
Article 4
The participated utility agencies (or organizations) shall share one third (1/3) of the management and maintenance fee of Common duct starting from the second year after completion of the construction. The rest two thirds (2/3) shall be shared by utility agencies (or organizations) according to the used duration of time or number of usage, after the consultation organized by the competent authority.
The aforementioned maintenance and management fee shall exclude staff costs in the organic structure of competent authority.
Article 5
All participated utility agencies (or organizations) shall deposit, prior to 1st of February each year, into the special account 80 % of the allotted portion in accordance with the cost and ratio set in the preceding year. In case an insufficient amount exists upon the settlement of account in the end of the year, the concerned participated utility agencies (or organizations) shall deposit the insufficient portion prior to 1st of February the following year.
Article 6
These regulations shall become enforceable upon the date of promulgation.