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Title: Fee-Charging Standards for Usage of Urban Road CH
Amended Date: 2021-09-08
Category: Ministry of the Interior(內政部)
Article 1
This standard is made in accordance with Urban Road Act (hereinafter referred to as this act) Article 23 Paragraph 2 and Charges and Fees Act Article 10 Paragraph 1 regulations.
Article 2
The competent authority of municipality and county (city) (hereinafter referred to as competent authority) should in accordance to these regulations, collect urban road usage fee (hereinafter referred to as usage fee) from people who construct wiring or facilities on the ground, open space or underneath the ground (hereinafter referred to as user) of the urban road's land. The fee is calculated in accordance with the fee-charging standards (see appendix)
Article 3
The usage fee is collected yearly. For usage period of wiring or construction facilities not exceeding a year, it can be collected monthly; and for those not exceeding a month, it is calculated as monthly usage fee.
The user should declare the facility quantity done in the previous year, usage period and the estimated fee to the competent authority before March 31 of each year. After the competent authority has accepted the declaration, it should examine the fee and give a written notification to the user before May 31 to pay the fee before June 30.
For user who fails to declare the above matter within the said period, the competent authority will then examine and set the fee.
Article 4
Due to the urban road engineering needs, the original wiring or construction facilities at that road section that needed to move to other place, and that the user has coordinated to move them away within the scheduled period, the competent authority is able to, from the year the road engineering has completed, collect the usage fee for three years at half the charge.
Article 5
For wiring and construction facilities conforming to any of the following regulations, the competent authority will reduce 75% of the usage fee in accordance to its fee reduction period.
1. The user places the wiring underground voluntarily, and in the district, township (town, city) road section where he has not been sanctioned by Article 33 of these regulations for more than three times within three years. From the year the construction has completed, the underground wiring usage fee is reduced for two years.
2. Installation of lampposts, telephone poles or telecommunication poles for surveillance system concurrently.
Article 6
This standard has started to implement since January 1st,2021.