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Title: Regulations on Management of the Staff in Social Associations CH
Amended Date: 2021-08-11
Category: Ministry of the Interior(內政部)
Article 1
These Regulations are stipulated in accordance with the provision of Article 66 of the Civil Associations Act.
Article 2
The staff as called in these Regulations refers to a person employed by social associations to handle the affairs and business of the association.
Article 3
Social associations may set up secretary-general (director-general), vice secretary-general (vice director-general), secretary (officer), division director, specialist, division member, clerk, employee or other staff for proper title.
The titles, quota, and qualification of the staff referred to in the above paragraph shall be in accordance to the size, financial capacity, and business requirements of social associations, and shall set forth by the board of directors. The staff who has been selected according to the qualification and approved by the board of directors is hired.
Article 4
Directors and Supervisors in the Board can not serve as the staff.
Article 5
Social associations may not employ the spouse, consanguinity within three generation, or in-laws of the current chairperson of the board of directors as staff, unless such person has been employed before the chairperson is elected.
Article 6
To dismissal staff shall be approved by the board of directors.
Staff shall not be dismissed (laid off) unless otherwise under the circumstances as mentioned in Articles 11, 12, or 13 of Labor Standards Act.
Article 7
The matters related to the payment, welfare, insurance, layoff, retirement, or pension for staff shall not be contrary to labor laws or regulations and shall be prescribed by the board of directors of each social association according to its financial status, and then submit it to the member's (or member representative's) congress for approval to be implemented.
Article 8
The evaluation of routine work of staff, the rewarding measures include commendation, recording a merit, and recording a special merit; and the punishment measures include warning, recording a demerit, and recording a special merit shall be regulated by the Board.
Article 9
The Regulations shall be effective as of the date of promulgation.