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Article 1
These Regulations are established in accordance with paragraph 3, article 84 of the Protection of Children and Youths Welfare and Rights Act ("the Law").
Article 2
The institutes to be assessed shall be the central or national children and youth welfare institutes.
Article 3
The Ministry of Health and Welfare ("MOHW") shall form the Assessment Committee in charge of coordination, planning and conducting assessment and other assessment related to children and youth welfare institutes.
The conducting of the assessment in previous paragraph may be commissioned to private institutes or schools.
Article 4
The Assessment Committee is composed of seven (7) to eleven (11) members, one of which shall be the chairman who will be appointed by the MOHW. The members will be recruited by the MOHW with following conditions:
1. Representatives of the Social and Family Affairs Administration of the MOHW and the competent authorities
2. Professionals and scholars in the discipline
3. Representatives of children and youth welfare entities.
The term of Assessment Committee membership will be valid till the completion of assessment.
The Assessment Committee members shall observe the principles of interest avoidance in order to protect the fairness and objectivity of the assessment.
Article 5
The meeting of Assessment Committee shall be presided over by the chairman of the Committee. The chairman may appoint a member to act on his/her behalf should the chairman be unavailable to attend the meeting.
Article 6
The items to be assessed on the children and youth welfare institutes are including:
1. Administrative organization and operational management
2. The surrounding and facilities of the premises
3. Professional services
4. Protection of rights
5. Special items or measures
6. Any items that the Assessment Committee determines to conduct assessment.
The items to be assessed mentioned in previous paragraph will be published by the MOI six (6) months prior to the implementation of the assessment.
Article 7
The result of assessment will be classified into followings:
1. Extraordinary
2. Grade A
3. Grade B
4. Grade C
5. Grade D.
Article 8
The assessment on children and youth welfare institutes by the MOI will be undertaken once every three years. The assessment method, procedure and benchmarks will be established and laid down by the Assessment Committee.
Article 9
The MOI may grant medal or rewards to the children and youth welfare institutes with Extraordinary or Grade A.
Article 10
The MOI may suspend the subsidy on capital expenditure for one year if the children and youth welfare institutes are classified to Grade C or Grade D after assessment.
The institutes mentioned in previous paragraph shall submit the plan of improvement within three (3) months after the announcement of such assessment results for approval by the MOI. The MOI shall select proper professionals or children and youth welfare institutes for providing assistance and guidance.
The re-assessment on the institutes will be undertaken within nine (9) months after the announcement of such assessment results. The institutes obtaining Grade B after re-assessment may be free from the suspension of subsidy mentioned in paragraph 1.
Article 11
These Regulations are effective from the date of issue.