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Article 1
This Statute is duly enacted in accordance with Article 8~2 of the Ministry of the Interior Organizational Statute and Paragraph 2 of Article 2 of the Enforcement Statute for Substitute Services.
Article 2
The Conscription Affairs Administration, Ministry of the Interior (
hereinafter referred to as the Administration) shall take charge of
conscription and substitute services related administrative affairs as
instructed by the Minister of the Interior.
Article 3
The Administration shall, specifically, take charge of the following
affairs:1. Draw up conscription policies, systems, draw up or enact, review,
edit and publicize conscription related laws.2. Take overall charge of sources
of armed forces.3. Enlist draftees into conscription and substitute services
and control their entry into and exit out of the country.4. Select
Substitute Services draftees and take charge the comprehensive issues.5. Judge
and recheck draftees’ physical degrees.6. Take charge of conscription affairs
of draftees-to-be from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao as well as returning
Overseas Chinese (students).7. Map out the education and training programs,
curricula for draftees-to-be, select cadres and rate the training
performance.8. Take charge of the education and training programs for the
conscription staff.9. Take care of conscription draftees, substitute
services draftees and their dependents’ interests.10. Take care of
insurance and relief for Substitute Services draftees.11. Take charge of the
conscription files and duties of the Substitute Services draftees.12. Take
charge of the organizations and calls of the Substitute Services draftees
after their completion of the substitute services.13. Take charge of the
Substitute Services draftees’ awards, penalty and administrative relief.14.
Oversee and audit enlistment of conscription and substitute services
draftees.15. Investigate into cases against conscription services.16. Map
out conscription information systems and carry out information operation and
R&D.17. Produce and allocate food and salaries to Substitute Services
draftees.18. Report and settle major incidents running into Substitute
Services draftees.19. Take charge of other conscription affairs concerned.
Article 4
The Administration operates through Sections of Enlistment, Screening & Training, Management, Rights & Interests and Drafting to take charge respectively of the aforementioned functions which may set various sections to operate respectively.
Article 5
The Administration operates through also the Secretariate to take charge of research & rating, documentation, general affairs, Public Relations and matters not belonging to other sections and offices.
Article 6
The Administration has one director-general in Grade 13, select rank, to take charge of overall affairs and to oversee and superintend all personnel, and has two deputy-directors-general in Grade 12, select rank, to assist the Administration affairs.
Article 7
The Administration has 1 secretary-general, 5 section chiefs, all in Grade 11, select rank; 5 specialist committeemen ranging from Grade 9 to 10, recommend rank; 26 section members in Grade 9, recommend rank; 6 secretaries, 29~35 supervisors, 1 professional engineer, in Grades 8~9, recommend rank including 2 secretaries, 2 supervisors in Grade 10, select rank; 8~10 editors in Grade 7~9, recommend rank; 6~8 specialists in Grades 7~8, recommend rank; 23~31 section staff members, 1 professional engineer in Grade 5, delegate rank or Grades 6~7, recommend rank; 1~3 clerks in Grades 3~5, delegate rank; 2 Administration clerks in Grades 1~3, delegate rank.
Article 8
The Administration has the Human Resources Department with one director in Grade 9, recommend rank to take charge of human resources related affairs. Other staff members shall be provided within the quota under the Statute.
Article 9
The Administration has the Accounting Department with one director in Grade 9, recommend rank to take charge of annual revenues, accounting and statistics affairs, Other staff members shall be provided within the quota under the Statute.
Article 10
The Administration has the Anti-corruption Department with one director in Grade 9, recommend rank to take charge of anti-corruption affairs, Other staff members shall be provided within the quota under the Statute.
Article 11
The personnel of the grades and ranks set forth in Articles 7~10 shall be in the occupational systems and shall be duly selected for the respective systems on the grounds of Article 8 of Government Functionary Employment Law.
Article 12
The Administration may has various Committees which shall be duly staffed under the quota set forth in this Statute either exclusively or concurrently.
Article 13
The Operational Rules of the Administration shall be drawn up by the Administration and approved by the Ministry of the Interior.
Article 14
This Statute comes into enforcement on the date of promulgation.