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Title: Fee Standards for Viewing, Hand-copying or Duplication of Archives CH
Amended Date: 2018-09-20
Category: National Development Council(國家發展委員會)
Article 1
These Standards are issued according to Article 21 of the Archives Act and Article 10 of the Charges and Fees Act.
Article 2
A person who applies for and obtains approval to view, hand-copy or duplicate records shall be charged a fee in accordance with these Standards, unless other laws or regulations provide otherwise.
Article 3
The fee for viewing or hand-copying the government agency’ records is NT$20 for two hours or any part thereof.
No fee is charged for viewing or hand-copying the archives in the National Archives Administration, National Development Council.
Article 4
The fee for duplicating records shall be charged in accordance with the fee standard table set forth in the attachment, and such duplication will be offered based upon the current devices and equipment of the government agency.
For the duplication made by personal mobile phones, traditional cameras, video camcorders, etc., with the consent of the government agency, the fee for viewing or hand-copying such records shall be in accordance with the preceding article.
Article 5
If an applicant requests that duplicated records be sent by e-mail or be delivered by other electronic media, the government agency, at its discretion, has the right to decide the format and the supplies expense of its electronic media; if an applicant requests that duplicated records be sent by mail, the actual mailing expenses and a service fee of NT$50 shall be charged.
Article 5-1
In the case of an applicant who has been investigated, prosecuted, subject to an arrest warrant, or had a verdict enforced against him or her, either in connection with the 228 Incident, or during the martial law period for sedition, treason, or any offense set out in the "Act Governing the Punishment of Rebellion" or the "Act Governing Espionage in the Period of National Mobilization for Suppression of the Communist Rebellion," for archives related to that person's case that the central competent authority in charge of archives provides to that person, the fee shall be waived one time, and the fee provisions set out in Article 4 and Article 5 shall not apply. The applicant may choose whether duplicated archives are to be delivered in the form of black-and-white hardcopy or electronic format.
When the applicant of the preceding paragraph has died or disappeared and his or her spouse, or another relative as set out in Article 1138 of the Civil Code, applies to view, copy, or duplicate archives, each such person shall be exempt from the fee one time for each archive, as provided for above.
An applicant who paid to duplicate archives at any time between July 14, 2011 and the implementation of this article may furnish the fee receipt or the duplicated archives in applying for a refund in accordance with the provisions of the preceding two paragraphs.
Article 6
The fees set out in these Standards shall be charged in compliance with budget procedures.
Article 7
These Standards shall be implemented from the date of issuance.