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2020-10-19 Drafts There is a lot of public concern about incidents of reclined cradle products that resulted in suffocation or harm to infants. In order to ensure the safety and quality of reclined cradles, the proposal for mandatory inspection intends to regulate the quality and safety of these products. (Send your comments on or before 2020-11-23)
2020-09-29 Drafts The amendment of 2018 to the code of the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 shall become effective from 26th December, 2020. The employment contract shall remain valid while a seafarer is endangered by piracy or armed robbery of the ship even if the contract has expired. (Send your comments on or before 2020-10-20)
2020-09-25 Directions Mobile Telecommunications Base Station RF Equipment Technical Specifications and Approval Inspection Guidelines
2020-09-18 Drafts Regarding events from cribs and cradles for domestic use products to induce social concern, there are a lot of incident reports to suffocate or harm infants. In order to ensure the safety and quality of cribs and cradles for domestic use, this proposal for mandatory inspection are regulated the quality and safety of these products. The conformity assessment procedure will be either Type Approved Batch-by-Batch Inspection or Registration of Product Certification (Module 2 + Module 3). (Send your comments on or before 2020-10-23)
2020-09-14 Regulations Regulations Governing the Implementation of the Epidemiological Surveillance and Advance-Alert System for Communicable Diseases
2020-09-14 Drafts The Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection proposes to adopt the most recent version of CNS 15911 “Child use and care articles-Children’s bedguards for domestic use” and CNS 15503 “General safety requirements for children’s products” as the inspection standards for children's bedguards in order to ensure adequate protection of young children. The revision of these standards mainly involves the addition of requirements for the test mattress and the deletion of DMP and DEP from the scope of restricted phthalates. The conformity assessment procedure remains unchanged. (Send your comments on or before 2020-11-16)
2020-09-08 Regulations Regulations Governing Immigration Inspection and Data Collection and Utilization
2020-09-03 Regulations Regulations for Fishing Vessels Conducting Southern Bluefin Tuna Fishery
2020-09-01 Directions Operational Directions Governing the Mutual Cooperation between Taiwan Intellectual Property Office and the Korean Intellectual Property Office in the Field of Deposit of Biological Materials for the Purposes of Patent Procedure
2020-08-28 Regulations Regulations Governing Business Solicitation, Policy Underwriting and Claim Adjusting of Insurance Enterprises